Sakura's Diary

One day during a mission, Naruto looked through Sakura's bag and found Sakura's Diary. Naruto wants to know what is in Sakura's Diary. But one thing Naruto doesn't know is that this diary hold not just Sakura's secret, but her childhood. {This is a Naruto Fanfic!!! This is anime}


1. She Has a Diary?

   "Sakura-chan, do you have anything to wrap my wound?" Naruto asked Sakura. Naruto had hurt his leg battling a exiled ninja. The exiled ninja threw his knife at Naruto and hit it his leg. The knife also had a poison that who ever has the poison enjected into their body gets extremely sick. So Naruto is extremely sick and annoying as usaul.

   "Naruto-kun, I have some in my bag that is next your bed." Sakura answered. "Did you pick it off?!?

   "Maybe, it's not my fault I hate how it sticks to my leg!" Naruto respond.

   "You dumb ass, that makes everything much harder for me!" Sakura yelled.

   Naruto reached into Sakura's bag and pulled out two objects which were the wrap and Sakura's diary. 'That's odd. Sakura has diary?' thought Naruto. He set the diary on the little lamp stand next to him and wrapped his injured leg carefully. Then he set the wrap down and picked off the diary from the little lamp stand. Naruto opened it up and started to read.

   Dear Diary,

   Hello, my name is Sakura Haruno. I am four years old and you are my diary. I have short pink hair and green eyes. My name means Cherry Blossom. My parents are Kizashi Haruno and Mebuki Haruno. I have a big forehead and how I know is I'm called 'Forehead Girl' which makes me sad. I was born on March 28 1990 and the year is 1994. Today at school these three girls were making fun of me and they called me Forehead Girl. I ran off and cryed because they were being so mean to me. No one wants to be my friend. I'm just a loner! I will never be ninja. I just am going to be a normal citzen and that's going to be horrible! I wanna become a full-fledged ninja but it's not going to happen!!! I feel so alone.

                  Yours Truly,

                            Sakura Haruno


   Naruto put down Sakura's diary. For some reason he felt sad after the first entry he read. "Who could be that rude to a goddess like Sakura" Naruto mumbled. He felt so bad for Sakura. She was so kind, smart, and pretty.

   Why did that knife have to have poison in it! Naruto thought. He started to cough. "Sakura can you please bring me a glass of water?" Naruto asked.

   "Sure, be right there." Sakura responded annoyed. Naruto knew that Sakura was starting to get irritated badly, but was willing to help. Sakura was kind enough to help Naruto even though she had a  special hatred for Naruto. They've been friends since Group 7 united. Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. Since Sasuke left Group 7 for Orochimariu, things haven't been the same.

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