Baby sittng

When Alice finds out that her father helped out Simon with things he sent her to go babysit one direction for the whole summer and she's only 18! She thinks its gonna be a hard job to do find out what happens


1. meeting them

Alice's POV


I packed all of my things and went downstairs I wasn't to excited cause I wasn't that big of a fan of one direction. My dad walked downstairs and found me sitting on the couch. He smiled at me. "Paul will be here any minute!" My dad yelled. "Who's Paul?" I questioned. "Oh right that's one directions body guard so if you see a man at the door tell I'll be right there." My dad replied back. The doorbell rang and I went to answer it. "Hi." I said. My dad ran over to the door and told me to  stay outside. They started talking to each other and I guess Paul laughed at something my dad said. Paul told me Togo in the car and I did.


1 hour later. . .

I guess I fell asleep in the car because I found myself on a couch with a blanket on me. "Sleeping beauty's awake!!!" I heard someone yell. I sat right up when I heard that. What the crap, I thought. Then I saw five boys in front of me. "Uhm hi." I said. "Hi!" They yelled/replied in unison. I saw a curly one, someone with suspenders and blue eyes, a blonde hair boy, someone with a buzzcut , and finally someone with a quiff. "Hi I'm Harry!" The curly one said "I'm Louis!" The one with suspenders said. "Hi I'm Niall!" He said. "I'm Liam!" He said. "And I am Zayn." The last one said.

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