Weird and Wonderful Poems

Well I'm just going to post poems about.... whatever I come up with really LOL! Mostly music probably... and I'll even include my poem that won the Reigart Poetry Partnership Competition Category S4 to Adult, that will probably be the first one.


1. What I am Doing

I am playing my machine gun,

which fires out sweet notes.

If I were to flatten it out,

it would go through several walls.


I am pressing down each valve,

whilst reading my music like a book,

adding in the 'cake decorations',

as my tutor calls them.


I do the repeats,

jump to the coda,

and counts the beats in a bar,

to keep in time,

and musically shape this song.


I am playing,

the one thing

that makes me feel complete.

I am playing my euphonium.



A/N- well this is my poem that I won in my category, we had to write a poem on what we were doing and I could think of nothing more to be doing than playing my euphonium. Vote and comment please.

EuphoniumGal xxx

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