"Lou, the cameras are gone now" "Exactly"

Jada Young is Eleanor Calder's sister. No, they don't have the same last name. Ella has had a rough life living without a mom. Her dad abused her and didn't care for her. Until one day she's pulled into a van right off the street and told she would be paid to be Louis fake girlfriend, because Eleanor is about to die, even though she's seventeen. She majored in Spanish and finished high school early with college credits. She talks to the boys in Spanish, but little did she know 'someone's always watching.'


1. Chapter 1

 I drop my keys onto the counter and puff out a sigh. I have just gotten home from school to find my dad on the couch with bottles scattered around him. This is the usual. I roll my eyes and pick up my cat's bowl. I feed her then walk to my room.Today would be a good one for running, but I have a ton of homework.

After an hour and a half of that I'm about get a snack when I get a call.


"Hey Ja!" My boss says dragging out the 'a'.

"Hey Arin!" I say dragging out the 'n'.

"So, as a birthday present I'll cover your shift for you. How's that sound?!"

"That sounds wonderful!" I say surprised.

"Yay, see you later"


 Since I don't have to work at the stifling little bookshop, I decide to go for a run. While changing, I remember I haven't gotten an actual birthday present in a few years. My mom calls every year and so does my sister, Eleanor. One in different clothes, I head out my window on the first floor trying to avoid my dad.

I take my usual route which is around the huge park.  I see a van slow to a stop beside me and the driver squinting at me. I try a run faster but the a van door opens and I am pulled inside and only to be stabbed with a needle and feel the cold go through me.

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