Mystery Guy Saved My Life???

This story is about a girl who gets rapped by her brother's friend in a alley. When her brother finds out it's to late, because she is no where to be found. Her name is Massie Block. Does she start to fall for theystery guy? Or does she not? Stay tuned to find out.


1. My House Or I Thought!?!

 We were all at my house. When my brother Tyler invited his friend Chase over for dinner. 

Chase said " hi Massie Block"

"Hey" I said

He said" hi Mr.Block

Like usual my dad said "Sup Chase"

I think they have a friendship thing goin on. I went up stairs to my room. I guess Chase wanted to talk in private because he walked into my room. I got a little scared that he grabbed my waisted and told me in my ear that he loves me and wants me.

"CHASE where are you" Tyler said

As soon as Chase heard that he ran downstairs and said " I'm right here bro" 

As we ate dinner I couldn't help but feel unsafe around Chase. So after dinner Tyler Said that " Chase is sleeping over" 

I was so scared that I screamed!

Tyler asked whats wrong, but I said nothing.

Tyler and Chase slept downstairs and I slept upstairs. Then I could feel my dog jump on my bed. My dog Rocco growled and then all of a sudden he jumped off and someone else or something else got in.

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