Running From Your Past Won't Help

This is my entry for the Inspired By A Song competition! If you enjoy it, remember to like, favourite and comment!

*Pompeii by Bastille*


1. Chapter One

Have you ever ran from something? Something that's been haunting you, chasing you, just waiting for the moment you slip up. I've been running for most of my life. But now there's something else that's chasing me too. My impending doom. My past has finally caught up with me. My life has been wasted up to this point. I could have had a great life! But that accident ruined my life. Well, it wasn't exactly a accident, that's just what I said when the police asked. You see, I killed someone. I didn't think about the consequences but now they've caught up with me. Everywhere I go, I think I'm one step ahead of the past but then something happens and it gains up on me.


If I had the chance, I would go back and change the past. But unfortunately, that's not possible. I have to live with my mistakes forever.

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