Confessions of a Teenage Murder Victim

"Hi. My name is Annabelle Marie Davids. I'm 17 years old, born October 12th 1995, died January 18th 2013. Well, to be brutally honest, I was murdered." Annabelle was your average teenage girl. She had it all; the boyfriend, the parties, the looks and the popularity. Her parents even had the money. Her life was perfect. So why was she killed? With the help of ALIS, the After Life Investigative Squad, Annabelle slowly discovers the bitter and twisted hatred which led to one of her "friends" to murder her.



One minute, I was having the time of my life at one of the best parties of the season, next minute, I found myself sitting in some dark smelly room by myself, listening to my own breathing rather than the new "Now" CD.

Suddenly, a really bright light speared through the darkness. It shone right into my face, and I flinched away from it, squinting through my eyes.

Someone moved the lamp, muttering something under their breath.

Then I saw him. He couldn't be much older than me, with dark hair and silvery light irises. His skin was pale white and he wore a black pinstripe suit with a white shirt.

'Who are you? Where am I?' I asked, glaring at the guy in front of me. My voice was shaking and echoed slightly for some reason. Maybe the room was bigger than I first thought.

'This is Sergeant William Anderson. The time is 12:27 am. Stating the victims name, age and dates for the record. Annabelle Marie Davids, age 17, born October 12th 1995 at 7:35 pm. Died January 18th 2013 at 11:43 pm. I will now ask the victim to confirm these details.' He looked up at me.

'What the hell?? Is this some kind of joke? I'm not dead!' I scoffed, leaning back in the chair and crossing my arms.

'I assure you Miss Davids, I do not joke.'  His face was completely devoid of any emotion, and I could tell that he was serious.

'You are in the ALIS Branch of the IDD. I am your case leader, Sergeant William Anderson. You may call me sir or Sergeant. Do you have any questions?' I nodded seriously.

'Yes, I have a question.' He raised his eyebrows and looked at me.

'Are you high or something?' I asked, staring straight into his eyes.

'Excuse me?' He asked, frowning.

'Your pupils look dilated; and they're a funny colour. Nice colour, but funny. Wait, maybe I'm high! I'm gonna kill Luke for spiking my drink again.' I muttered, thinking of how I would make my boyfriend grovel for forgiveness.

'You are not "high". You are dead. Gone. Six feet under. Dead. If you don't believe me, here's your death certificate, and your application form to have the circumstances of your death investigated by ALIS.' He slid some pieces of paper across the table. The death certificate looked legit, but the other forms were written in some strange scrawling language I couldn't read.

'If I'm dead, then what are you?'

'I died long before you were born, and have been working with the IDD ever since. Not that that's relevant. Follow me Miss Davids.' He said, rising from his chair.

'Interview over. The time is 12:49 am.' I heard the click of the tape recorder shut off, and the Sergeant took the tape out of the machine.

'I said follow me.' He repeated, a door appearing out of thin air.

'Wow, you guys really went all out for this prank, huh?' I said, standing up and slinking across the room in my heels.

'Maybe this will change your mind.' He said, showing me my first view outside. 

We were floating on a large grey cloud, and there were other huge buildings sitting on top of other clouds, and people flew through the night air. My mouth dropped open and I blinked.

'Oh my god! I'm dead!' I said, before fainting. Who knew a ghost could faint, huh? 

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