Those Things

Just those everyday things that I go through or that annoy me and a place where I can rant, vent and just talk about well...anything.
Oh and if you have a suggestion on what to write about comment, well if anyone actually reads this I mean.


1. Number 1. . .

. . .that moment when your friends think they are just joking around but what they don’t know is that they are actually hurting your feelings or embarrassing you.

Like when you trust your friends to keep your crush a secret but whenever he/she walks past they make it so obvious you like them. They says things like "Oh *your name* look who's over there" really loud so your crush turns around and they're pointing and him/her. I find that so embarrassing and a bit hurtful to thing you could actually trust the people you call your best friends. 


- StripesAreCool

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