It All Started With A Hippogriff

What will happen when Harry goes to visit Draco in the hospital wing after his run in with Buckbeak? He only went there to ask him not to report Hagrid, but will Harry keep to his plan? Or will Harry leave that room thinking things he doesn't want to think?


1. Hagrid's First Lesson

A/N Hiya guise!! Thanks for reading my fic, I just wanted to say that the speech at the beginning of this chapter is pretty much the speech in the book PoA. If you want to find where I've used it from it's on page 86. I just wanted to tell you b/c I didnt want loads of hate in the comments saying that I've copied Jo or that I'm not using my own work. I'm only doing it because I want to start the story how it actually is in the book then do a spin off from that. Haters gonna hate. Sorry if I've offended anyone in anyway. NOW ENJOY READING XD


Harry's P.O.V

Well this is awkward... Ron and Hermione aren't talking because they had another stupid fight at lunch about grims and death and whether Professor Trelawney was mental or whether I'm gonna die.. I really hope she's mental. They're always having these stupid fights, and I really don't see why. It seems like it's clear to everyone but themselves that they have feelings for each other. I hope they see sense soon.

We're walking out of the castle right now to our first ever Care of Magical Creatures lesson. I'm quite excited really, because the weather's improved since this morning AND Hagrid's the teacher!! I think it's going to be great because-

Oh great. There's Malfoy talking to Crabbe and Goyle. Seems like we're having these lessons with the Slytherins. I would bet ANYTHING that they'll bring up the dementor incident from the train. They haven't noticed us yet - which I think might actually be a new world rec- 

Spoke to soon. Crabbe turned around and saw us just as I was thinking that and now - oh look, what a suprise. Draco is pretending to faint. Haha. He's hilarious. 

Hagrid's standing in the doorway of his hut looking impatient. He must be excited to start.

"C'mon, hurry up! Got a real treat for yeh today! Great lesson! Everyone here? Right, follow me!" Hagrid calls out, as he leads us to a paddock on the edge of the forest. Thank Merlin he didn't make us go in. I've had way more than enough experiences in there.

"Everyone gather round! That's it - make sure yeh can see. Now, firs' thing yeh'll want ter do is open yer books -"

"How are we supposed to open our books?" Malfoy says again as he takes out his copy of The Monster Book Of Monsters strapped tightly with a rope

"Hasn' - hasn' anyone bin able ter open their books?" Hagrid asks us all, looking slightly confused. We all shook our heads beacuse, come on. How were we supposed to open them if we didn't have a death wish!? "Yeh've got ter stroke 'em!" Hagrid says as if it's the most obvious thing ever. "Look!" He takes Ron's book from him and strokes the spine - making the book shiver and fall open easily.

"Oh, how stupid we've all been!" Malfoy sneers. "We should have stroked them! Why didn't we guess!?"

"I thought they were funny." Hagrid replies, uncertain.

"Oh, tremendously funny! Hilarious, giving us books that try to rip our hands off!" Malfoy's gone too far now. This is Hagrid's first lesson and he's trying his best for God's sake!

"Shut up, Malfoy" I say as Hagrid heads off into the forest to get the creatures.

"God, this place has gone to the dogs. Malfoy says loudly. "That oaf teaching classes, you wait until my father hears about-"

Christ! Why does Malfoy always feel the need to ruin people? "Shut up, Malfoy." I repeat. 

"Careful, Potter. There's a dementor behind-" 

"Wow! Look!" Lavender squeals as she points to Hagrid emerging from the forest with half a dozen of the weird winged horse things. I wonder what they are..

"Hippogriffs! Beautiful aren' they?" Hagrid shouts. I mean they are beautiful in a way I guess. "Anyone want ter come nearer?"

I edge forwards slightly, because I think it would be great to see one even closer than this. An Ron and Hermione follow me. 

"Firs' thing you want ter know 'bout Hippogriffs, is that they're proud. Don't want ter insult a Hippogriff, may be the last thing yeh do!" Ah. Maybe I don't want to get any nearer.. "Now who wants ter go first?"

No one's volunteered, there's a silence and you can hear people shuffling their feet. 

"Great, Harry! Lets see how Buckbeak like yeh." 

What? I turn around to find that I am standing in front of everyone else. But I didn't step forwar- Oh! They all stepped backwards!! I didn't volunteer! They all just pussied out and made me do it. Great. Well I have to do it now don't I? Thanks guys..

I start walking forwards - normal pace

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, Harry. Take it slow. Yeh've got ter keep eye contact. And try not ter blink. They don't like it when yeh blink to much." 

Well that's easy isn't it. Just don't blink! Go on Harry. You can do this!


The rest of that lesson absolutely flew by! Literally! After Buckbeak returning my bow and letting me stroke her, Hagrid said I was ready to fly and lifted me onto her back before I could complain! But it was the most amazing feeling ever! I didn't have to control Buckbeak like I have to control my broom. I was just there. Flying. And it was amazing. 

When I landed, Hagrid got all the others to have a go. Ron and Hermione were with the Chestnut Hippogriff and Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle had taken over Buckbeak. Harry stood at the side watching all the others as he had already had his go. Malfoy, whose bow had been returned by Buckbeak was now stroking her back. 

"I knew this was going to be simple. I mean, it had to be if Potter could do it." Malfoy spat loudly - making sure I could hear. You're not dangerous at all are you?" He addressed Buckbeak, "You great ugly brute."

Oh no. Trust Malfoy. What had Hagrid said to us at the beginning?  Don't want ter insult a Hippogriff, may be the last thing yeh do! And what had Malfoy done? He insulted a Hippogriff.

It all happened so quickly one minute Malfoy's insulting Buckbeak, next thing you know Hagrid's trying to pull Buckbeak off of Malfoy, who was lying on the floor with blood all over his shirt.

"Ahh, help me! I'm dying! I'm dying!! That thing's killed me! I'm dying!" Malfoy cried.

"Yer not dying! Yeh'll be fine. I'll take yeh to the hospital wing." Hagrid called to him, panicking. "Class dismissed!"

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