I'm lost

Brook Vallee is a 16 year old girl who is always trying to fit in. Her adoption parents are terribly strict and won't allow her to leave the house after 9 pm. In order to fit in, Brooke sneaks out after curfew to a pathway where all the popular kids hang. The pathway is split in two and Brooke goes down the wrong path. She faces an old graveyard where a terrible surprise is laying there.


1. First day of school

My name is Brooke Vallee. I'm sixteen years old and I've never been able to fit in even when I was a child. Now I'm in high school and still getting bullied. Every day, I see the popular kids sneak out of class and going somewhere. I've always wondered where they go and what they do. When lunch time comes around they always talk about the place where they visit. I can't hear them because I get pushed away when I try to listen. One of these days, I will find out and I will go to this place.

"You will never fit in so stop trying!" my adoption father yelled at me. With tears streaming down my face I run to my room before he does anything else. Every time I try to run away, I get beaten but today I was lucky. I changed into PJ's and climbed into bed. I closed my eyes and drifted off into the dream world. In my dream I was popular. I had everything I ever wanted and the best part was, I got to where the popular kids were hanging out. It felt so real but I knew it wasn't. The place where the popular kids hung out looked like a pathway.

I woke up and got ready for school. When I got there, I realized my dream wasn't true as soon as I got to my locker. Someone pushed me into my locker and I fell down in pain. Gathering all my stuff, I got back up and got what I needed from my locker and walked to class. When I got to class I sat down and looked in the direction of the popular kids. They looked around to make sure the teacher wasn't looking and then they walked out. An idea popped into my mind and I grabbed my stuff. "Mr.Clark, I'm not feeling so well. Can I go to the nurse?" I asked. Mr.Clark just nodded and smiled at me. I returned the smile and walked out of the room.

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