Lexa is living with her parents. Her mom is an alcoholic and her dad abuses her. She goes to school and at her school is this bad ass group of boys. The boys are in One Direction. They took time off to do school. When they got to school they change. They all got tattoos. They became punks. (Which only makes them hotter.) What happens when Lexa and Louis Tomlinson are partners for a school project for three weeks? Read to find out. :)


1. Chapter One

  Dear diary, 

        Dad drank again. He was worse off than normal. Normally he has two or three drinks. Not today. Today, he had more than five drinks. That means he doesn't know what he is doing. He called me down from my room. I got up and went to see what he wanted. I got to the bottom step and I'm down on the ground. He grabbed my hair and forced me up. Once I was up he hit my in the stomach. Again, on the ground I go. Well, dear diary, I better go to bed. I have school tomorrow. See you tomorrow. Lexa. 

    I woke up sore. I went to the bathroom and I saw my black eye. My stomach started to hurt so I lifted it up and saw the huge black and blue bruise on my tummy. I got undressed and took a shower. Once I was done, I got dressed in my black skinny jeans, T-shirt, oversized hoodie and my converse shoes. I covered my eye. After that I did my mascara. I don't wear a lot of make-up. I made breakfast for me and the twins. The twins come down and eat. After they eat I help them get ready. I meet Brandon and Britney at the front door. They have their own keys in a special pocket in their backpacks. They got on the bus and I started walking to school. I got my iPhone out and started listening to music. Once there I got my books for math and history. I hate those class. Science too. Science came and my teacher gave everybody a surprise project. Yay, I mentally say. She told us she would be picking our partners. Did I mention that I had that class with Louis Tomlinson? Well, I do and guess what. He is my partner. After that we only had ten minuets till class was over. Mrs. Decker said that we had to meet with our partners and pick up our hamsters after school. Today was day one of the project. After school, I had to pick up our hamster. I had to walk all the way across the school just to meet Louis at his car. I didn't say anything. I just got in and we left. We got to his house and I met his family. I loved his sisters. Louis took me to his room. We decided on a name. The name was Knight. He was black and had a white spot on his back. We finished and I walked home. I got home before my parents. Thank god. That would have been another beating. I still haven't gotten over the first one. I made dinner and everybod 

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