Aaron and Elizabeth

Based on an amazing guy and his ordinary girl.


1. December 14, 2011

It all started on December 14, 2011.

Aaron and Elizabeth, although a year apart met in band class. Aaron was awfully quiet and clumsy, Elizabeth on the other hand was loud, but only to cover up her insecurities. In Elizabeth's mind Aaron had never noticed her, she wasn't anything special after all. She was plain and ordinary, in her awkward phase. Even with this in mind she decided it was time to make move, with a lot of courage and pep talks from her best friend, she did it. 

Nothing about this moment was "romantic" or "special". It was absolutely embarrassing to be frank, recalling how childish the entire situation was. The two, surrounded by friends, trying to become another middle school fling. No one expected them to be a long-term couple. It was expected for them to break up in a few weeks, if that. Yet, they didn't. 

Elizabeth's friends sat Aaron down on a blue bench, it's difficult to imagine the amount of anxiety the two were experiencing. Aaron being surrounded by classmates and peers from a lower grade, and Elizabeth asking somebody out for the first time. Elizabeth was far to nervous to speak, so her friend did it for her. One thing she did, and still continues to regret is not having a proper "asking out". Elizabeth had always dreamed of a really simple, and traditional moment in which her crush would ask her out. Nothing extreme, no white horse and red roses like all the other little girls dreamed of. She wanted something sweet and small, he would grab her hand and smile, making eye contact, he would simply ask her, "Will you be my girlfriend?". When she was to say yes, he would smile even bigger and pull her into a gentle, yet sweet hug. He would tell her how happy he was that she said yes, and promised to always try to make her as happy as he was in this moment. While she never got that, she did get an amazing boy, and she was more than grateful. 


The one month mark was fastly approaching, and while in the beginning the pair had a lot of fights, they were all silly and easily resolvable. But then one day, Aaron ended things, on this same day Elizabeth had given him a wooden heart. Her necklace had snapped off, and so being the young and niave girl she was, she gave it to him. Right along with the cheesy phrase "You stole my heart." 

When he broke up with her he gave it back, out of anger Elizabeth threw it in the field. One of her friends found it and gave it to him. The next day, he gave it to her, along with a note apologizing. 

But Elizabeth was a bitter asshole, who said no, but it didn't last long. 


This is the story of Aaron and Elizabeth, an inexperienced couple who is learning along the way.. 

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