" I don' t think I can lose him, again Lacey I just can't" " I screw things up when I get him back." "You don't understand how hard it is Lacey." "But, I do, I may have never been through a heartbreak' but I know exactly what it's like to lose somebody out of your life." I say. "Yeah, but it's nothing like that, I just... wanna cry." "I just wanna die... it's hard Lacey.".................


1. How it all started.....

Jade's P.O.V

Everyday I go into school like it's just a normal day, I hang out with my friends, go to class and at the end of the day go home. It never ever crossed my mind one day I would meet you or you would ever be in my life. It was my first day going to a completely different school I moved really far and I've heard about these "Jordan boys" but nobody will ever tell me what's up with them. I knew they were trouble, because one of my friend's Jessie was dating the youngest one. All he did was break her heart and seem to play with it. Like he didn't even care. He didn't even love her all those words he said to her, were lies... alll lies. I never thought one day you would become mine. You would change my life forever. I was never the same, and never will be, thanks for teaching me a lesson, thanks for helping me know that I couldn't trust barley anybody anymore. 

The day they got together:

"Hey Jade, this boy wants to know will you go out with him?" "Umm who??" I say. I look over and the boy looks away. He was cute, but his personality outside was to wild. He was very shy, very sweet to me. People have always judged him by the way he acts, but every guy needs a chance.  I nod. Taylor runs over there and tells him. He blushes. I think he will be a good boyfriend.... "Jade, Jade, Jade are you dating Dustin??" "Yes." I say. Lacey hugs me and says "aww, you guys are cute together." "Thanks." I say and I smile. Everybody told me that, that day. I don't understand why people say he's a bad guy, he's far from that, you just haven't seen the real him yet. 

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