A Whisper in the Wind

Macey is 17 years old and in high school. She is in every play, she is on the school morning news, she even does commercials for her small town. She loves acting, her dog, and her boyfriend Lane. She is such a good actor, that no one can read her. If she is sad, no one knows. She never lets anyone see her emotions, so of course everyone is shocked to learn that she ran away and left a note saying how unhappy she was with her life. She was extremely popular, but people knew her. She run to the well known city of Los Angeles, and tries to get into the acting business. She becomes an instant hit, and moves from being an extra, to having a few lines, and before she knows it, landing spots in movies and t.v. shows. Loving the spotlight, and the fame it seems nothing can stop her. Of course that is until someone from her old town recognizes her in a movie...


1. Intro

   I'm that girl you see, but never give a second look. I dream of happy places when I'm sad. I stay awake at night thinking of random things. I cry into my pillow when everyone else refuses to listen. I listen to music that speaks the words I'm too afraid to say. You look at me and assume I'm happy, with this fake smile plastered on my face. I take crap from people and say nothing I pretend what people say doesn't hurt me, when it eats away at my insides. I stand there and laugh, when I just want to break down and cry. I pretend I'm strong, and I have for so long. It kills me to see others so happy, and realize how sad and miserable I am. I'm the invisible girl that few see. But if my friends were to look at me, they would never notice anything wrong. I'm a great actor.

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