Love? What is it? Can you eat it? (1D & Ed Sheeran fanfic)

Well this is about a girl who has never loved, or did her? Find it about reading this!! Fanfiction about 1D & Ed Sheeran :) enjoy it!!


1. Prologue

Emily’s POV

My phone rang; I looked at the screen it was my best guy friend Niall. I smiled and answered it, “hello!” I said in a good mood. “Well someone’s in a happy mood!” I heard him say chuckling. I giggled, “Yeah” I replied. “Okay um can you meet me at the park where we first met?” he asked. I smiled, I remembered that day. “Sure I’ll be there in a few” I said. “Okay bye love” he replied, “bye” I said ending the call. I put on a pair of jeans and a cute blouse. My hair was already braided; I didn’t feel the need to wear makeup because I knew Niall wouldn’t judge me. That’s what I love about him, he’s so kind, and sweet and doesn’t judge anyone. And his smile is so beautiful! And his eyes tell so many stories when you into them! I fell in love with niall the moment I met him, but he doesn’t like me the way I like him. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship by telling him I loved him, also I was scared of being rejected. I got out of my house it was a bit chilly, but not that much, the clouds looked kind of dark, it was going to rain soon. I went to the park, that niall had told me to go, there I saw the Irish lad sitting and looking at the beautiful view, I sat next to him. “Hey” I said. “Hey love” he said facing me, god he looked gorgeous. “Okay why did you call me here?” I asked curious. “Well um Emily” he started. “What is it?” I asked worried. Did he not want to be my friend anymore? I thought. “Tomorrow im leaving to go to the X-Factor” he said not looking at me. My eyes widened. “WHAT!” I nearly screamed. “Im leaving to-“ he started again but I cut him off, “I heard you! What! Niall! Now you’re telling me! You could’ve told me like a week ago! I can’t believe you!” I said pissed off. I mean now he decides to tell me! “I know! Im sorry Em!” he said using my nickname. “Oh don’t you dare call me Em!” I said hurt. “But-“ he started. “You know what! Im leaving!” I said, starting to walk off. “What no Em!” he said following me. “Leave me alone niall!” I said running now, I felt him running after me and calling my name. It started raining, hard. I was crying. I couldn’t believe him. The love of my life is leaving me. I hadn’t realized I was in the middle of the road, I didn’t care, and I was sobbing hard. The rain started getting heavier. I could hear niall still calling my name. Then all of a sudden I hear a car honking, “huh?” I said stopping to see what it was. The head lights of the car were so bright, the car was coming fast, it took me a minute to realize what was happening. Then everything went black the last thing I heard was niall calling my name, crying and someone holding me.

Ed’s (sheeran) POV

I was driving my car. Music blasted on, I was popping my head to it while singing along. “I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart” I sang Lumineers song, ho hey. It was one of my favorites. Then all of a sudden I see a girl, with long black hair, dark blue eyes in the middle of the road. It looked like she was crying, I lost focus and I didn’t realized I was driving really fast, then I hit the brakes but it was too late, I hit her. “oh my god!” I screamed running out of my car, I saw a boy with blonde hair, holding her and crying, “Emily!” he screamed. “Im so sorry mate, I-I didn’t mean to I wasn’t paying attention” I said, I felt guilty. “Call 911!” he screamed while crying, I did and the police came as fast as possible. They took her in me and the blonde boy followed. As we got to the hospital we went into her room, she was injured really bad, god I felt horrible, “it’s my fault” I said. The boy didn’t say anything. His eyes were bloodshot. We went into her room, “its your fault” he finally spoke, “I know and im-“ he cut me off, “shut up! I don’t want hear it! You killed the love of my life!” he screamed. “shes not dead okay!” I screamed back, “what?” I heard a female voice say, we turned to her. She was awake. “oh my god! Emily!” the boy ran to her and hugged her. “who are you” she replied to him. Oh god I thought what have I done.

Nialls POV

“who are you” Emily said. I looked at her shocked, “its me niall don’t you remember!” I asked, “who the hell are you! I don’t know any niall! Get away from me!” she said pushing me off. Tears welled up in my eyes. “Em…” was all I said before I ran back to my house. I was crying A LOT. How didn’t she remember me! god! Its all my fault! No its that red haired dudes fault! Ugh! I hate my life! I cried onto my bed.  


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