Loves me , loves me not !

When zayn loses a bet and has to date Rose for a whole three months!! he ends up falling for her ...or does he ...... meanwhile haley is in full persuasive mode convincing zayn to dump rose will zayn dump her or not???


1. The encounter

"ow" " "are you blind" I yelled ! Just then i looked up and realized who it was oh god ! i was hoping it wouldn't be that idiot. I smirked when a really evil idea formed in my head...... i fell to the ground and cried in pain calling for Enrique!Enrique was my current boyfriend....Zayn looked shocked and hurt he knew i was faking it !! Enrique came and lifted me off the ground. " that idiot" i yelled pointing to zayn, he has broken my friggin ankle !!! "what " zayn yelled " i only bumped into you and it was your fault because you were on your phone" he spoke up defending himself.Enrique looked pissed. He swore at zayn and carried me to the medical room i turned around and winked at a very heart broken zayn ! who cares he deserves it i thought... after all he has hurt me more than anything !!

"Rose what is going on between you and zayn" Enrique asked. i cracked up laughing and told him it was nothing, " why do you have something against him", " tell me" he pushed. "fine i will tell you but its a long story and you have to listen." he nodded his head and took a seat next to me. I took a deep breath and began.....

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