why cant they see

This is a story about Larry Atkinson. People judge them before they know them. I'm just trying to see if you can accept them. So I'm going to write this romance story to show you how much they can be compatible


1. him and me

Apparently were a rumor. Hmm sure. Larry Stylinson. They call it a romance. Sure. 

My name is Harry. 1/2 of the Larry "rumor". Louis is out with Eleanor right now. The story is, that I introduced them to each other. What a lie. Elouner is a lie too. Management stuck them together so that the idea of Larry would go away. It hurts. Seeing the love of my life out with someone he can't stand. Eleanor is a nice girl but she is no way compatible to Louis.

I'm not afraid to say that I'm bisexual. I admitted it at an interview once. I'm not ashamed of it. It's part of who I am. Why am I not to fall for whoever I please? Am I not free to love? According to management I m not. According to management,.I'm in love with a blonde who sings about everything she sees. Glad management got rid of her. They realized she was causing more drama than Larry. 

The only time me and Lou can be ourselves, is when we're at the flat. Yes, we share a flat again.  He moved out the first time for Eleanor. But moved back because a long distance relationship was too much. I love the fact of him with me. He's so fun and cute.and hilarious. I  hope one day, someone will accept that Larry Stylinson is real

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