Journey to shambhala

An special agent a genius a hired assassin all working together to achieve one goal,


1. Prologue

. The grey haired man straps a large monstrosity of a machine onto his back , his weak knees nearly buckle under the weight of the silver grey thing ,its control panel flashes but after a few presses of several buttons the old inventor manages to stop it. He walks towards the edge of the building on which he is stood apon . A young man stands behind the inventor his chest rises and falls in a shallow manner as if he were to faint.he clearly does not like high places .  "are you sure you are ready for this professor?" the young man says in a prominently British accent. "oh course my boy" the older man chuckles "why shouldn't I be?" "well sir... " the adolescent of the two pauses "what if it doesn't work?" The professor chooses the wisest possible thing to say  "what would the point in life be if not to take risks?" the boy looks down at the floor instead of answer the old mans question. The inventor taps his student fondly on the cheek before taking two small white pills out of his grey blazer pocket and placing them in the boys hand."once I'm gone crunch down on them and make sure you do it in one bite then swallow the dust do not let it dissolve in your mouth though Peter" he warns The boy, Peter, merely nods before saying"they'll make me forget won't they?" gesturing towards the two pills in his shaking hand his voice full of fear. The professor looks him in the eye and says"yes they will" this both soothes and frightens the boy. The old man turns towards the edge of the tall building he slowly steps onto the banister that would keep people there from falling he then winks at the boy and jumps. Peter shouts as he runs towards the edge and looks down his fingers tightly knotted around the banister to see a flash of crystal blue.the professor. The boy looks down at the two pills in his still shaking hand.                                                                  And bites.
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