While at a 1D concert, Casey finds out that her parents have released a deadly bug and person into the spectators. Both are deadly. What will happen to everyone? I mean, how will they react when zombies attack. (Just so you know this is my first 1D fan fic type thing and I know only a little about them. It also has Zombies, death and a little swearing in it. Also it is scientifically possible to create a bug that causes people to become zombie like. Look it up. Sweet dreams:)


1. They've finished

I sat silently in the car as my friend and I headed to the concert. I still hadn’t managed to find out who’s concert it was as when I asked my friend she just screamed in my ear. She had been the one to arrange the tickets, so I was stuck not knowing. I wasn’t really worried anyway as I had packed my Bluetooth headphones. On full volume I couldn’t hear anyone else even if they shouted at me. Not many people can withstand full volume for more than a minute.  I stared out the find my eyes watching the shrubs and trees zoom past. Suddenly I was yanked out of my comfortable trance by my phone vibrating in my jean pocket. I pulled it out and saw that it was my younger sister Anya calling. I quickly answered the phone, as it could be important. Knowing my sister and out parents, it would either be really good news, or really bad news. Sadly it was the latter. “Hey, Casey, is that you?” My sister asked, sounding anxious. Yep, it was bad news. “Yer it’s me, what's wrong?” I asked, nervous about what the answer would be. “They’ve done it. I know as I saw the test subject. I'm scared. What do I do?” Anya told me. Oh shit. They finished it. That’s not good. I am so glad that I am prepared. “Ok, calm down. You still remember my address right? Well go to my house. I’m going to a concert with Selena at the mo. Don’t ask me who’s concert as I don’t know. She’s too excited to tell me. Do you know where they are going to do the test? Or release knowing them.” I asked her. I was worried for her safety. “I remember your address, and thanks for the offer. I think I heard them talk about a one direction concert, but I don’t know any more than that. Please be careful Casey, I don’t want you to end up a test subject.” She told me. “Don’t worry about me, you need to get out of there now.” I told her. “Ok, well I’ll get going, talk to you later.” I hung up after that. I put my phone on my lap and grabbed my friends bag. It had the tickets in. I looked for them, but I couldn’t find them due to the amount of stuff in her bag. Oh well. I searched up one direction concerts on my phone, and checked out the places and times. I wasn’t sure if my parents would really do this. They were mad, yes, but would they go to the extreme?


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