My fiction is about a girl who is dating ADAM MALIK in there one year anniversary they will have a big fight so she’s going to cheat on him with ZAYN MALIK without knowing that he is his brother what’s going to happing ?? Is Adam going to find out? Is Alana will tell him the truth and stop sleeping with Zayn or is it too late since she is in love with him


1. chapter 1

Alana: what the fuck OMG what did I do

Zayn: what you didn’t like it of course you like it

Alana: do I now you

Zayn: what you don’t remember we were at the club you were drunk I took you home with me and you now …

Alana: what we had sex together??

Zayn: yep all night long

Alana: fuck ADAM

Zayn: who’s Adam?

Alana starts explaining to Zayn and looking for her cloths around zayn’s flat

Alana: well Adam my BF forgot about our 1 year anniversary and I was so made that I got out and I was drunk that’s why I slept with you.

I got out from zayn’s flat without saying goodbye. So my name is Alana Johnson I’m 19 years old I live in London I go to medical school, I now a smart girl is not going to cheat on her amazing boyfriend but I did I have my reasons so don’t judge me I was in my deep thoughts  my phone rang it was Adam

-Telephone conversation:

Alana: Adam we need to talk

Adam: ok meet me at my place in 1 hour

Alana: ok

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