Near to You

"I loved him. There's no other way to put it. He was my one and only, but he wasn't what I expected." Sara was in love. Wholeheartedly, and completely in love. But he didn't love her back, and they both suffered for it. Now, Sara has to recover from a heart torn and bruised and ripped in two by a man she trusted. But will she have to do it alone, or will she learn to trust another?


1. Pain

I curled myself into a ball, protecting my body from his kicks, my heart from his words, and my tears from his eyes.

I felt the pain, but that didn't matter. I knew how I felt; if he didn't feel the same way about me, I could cope. Or so I thought.

He grabbed my hair and yanked me upright before punching my face. I fell back to the floor and screamed as he shouted abuse at me, my heart steadily cracking under the hateful things he was saying.

I screamed some more as my heart finally broke when he kicked me violently in the ribs, and I could hear them cracking and breaking along with my soul.

As soon as he backed down and returned to watching the TV, I crawled across the floor, grabbing my mobile before clawing my way into the bathroom.

I dialled the three numbers I knew would rip the last fibres holding my shattered heart together.

'Emergency, which service do you require?' I swallowed back my tears.

'Help.' I whispered, coughing up blood over the floor.

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