Short touching story x

Just a short heart- warming story
should make you realise how lucky you are.


1. You know my name, not my story

Hiya ;)

My name is Sami :)

Now you know my name, here's my story

I am 16 years old

I am an artistic girl :)

I am an athletic girl :)

I am a girl with a long past

When I was in grade 5, I was picked on, which started my bullying experience. I started to diet.

I would throw away/ hide my meals. Sometimes I'd for days without eating!

Something tragic happened, my best friend was hit by a truck on the street during school :(

I had to watch him be airlifted to the hospital

Then my grandma passed away

That was the start of my depression

Grade 6: I tried bulimia... I felt so isolated... I felt alone

I tried hiding my depression and tried to 'fit in' by being a fake. It didn't help.

It lead me to stuffing my bra, dieting... again and turning my anger into hate.

Yes, I've the bully. I'm not proud.

It all then went downhill.

I began to party. Yes I am ashamed, I was 13

In grade 8, my dad went blind.

It was hard. I had very few close people surrounding me.

Grade 9, I moved schools. This was a struggle

I couldn't stay away from the 'bad crowd'. I got into doing drugs

I became more depressed. I almost lost touch with my parents

Grade 10, I was failing school. I even got kicked out of my arts program

I moved back to my home town. Things were looking good. I even got a guy.

Better relationship, better grades, better me... right?

Well I was used, cheated on and lied to. All during 6 months

Grade 11, I started to diet again.

I contemplated suicide/ self harm through-out my past.

I fought with a girl who pretended to be my friend. I AM NOT PROUD!

Everyone at school than turned on me.

I had given up. I had no hope left.

But my mum made sure I got up everyday with a fake smile on my face (it was hard)

It was hard :/ but I did it!

And so can you! I know this isn't the end of my struggles, I know there are more.

I have a future, and so do you :)

I am not one to judge, I realise things happen but its what YOU choose that matters!

Fight for want you want! Stand up and speak out!

The End<33








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