Just a few feelings.


1. Him.

He was the boy I compared all the other boys to.
The one who I could never truly get over.
No matter how much I tried I still had feelings for him.
He was my first love.
And my last.

I used to wish he would just take my hand and kiss me, passionately and never let me go.
But he was never the serious relationship type.
He was more of a joker, never showing any signs.
He knew that a sort of liked him, but never knew to how much content.
I miss the way he used to look at me, with sort eyes and a perfect smirk.
Missing his jokes and accepting the fact that he would never truly know about me.
That's what broke me and still breaks my heart every day.
Wanting to hold his hand just one last time.
Knowing that everything is going to be ok.
Losing the hope that maybe one day he would look at me the way I looked at him.
Realising that he would never love me.
Blaming myself.

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