Wings - My Story

That's my story. Maybe it can help others. Maybe they'll get over everything what others say. Maybe they'll understand the real meaning of 'Wings' by Little Mix. I did. And I hope you do too.



I used to care what people think about me. If someone called me a name, I thought I had to change something about me. I became an other person. Trying to be it, trying to be like the others. The real 'ME' vanished more and more. Just like that. Because of words. I tried to keep it, to be myself, but it was so much more important to me, what others said and thought. I cried, because some of those kids in my school bullied me. There was this one girl. She used to be my best friend. At least that was what I thought. I wanted to keep it that way, tho. But she let me down so often, for no particular reason, just because she didn't like some of my actions. Like when I didn't let her copy my homework. One time, I asked her, why she was ignoring me again. All she said was, that she never really liked me. That she just wanted good grades. She said that with a smirk on her face. But she meant it, I could see it in her eyes. And she was feeling really good about it. That was too much for me. Everyone laughed and stared at me. I started crying. I slapped her in the face. I ran. I ran far away. Far away from people, far away from her. I knew my social life was over. If she really hated someone, everybody else did too. They were too afraid, that she could hate them too. The next day in school was pure horror. No one really talked to me. Except that one girl. She shouldn't have. She shouldn't have talked to me. She should have let me alone, let me be the odd one out. But she didn't. That was a big risk. No one talked to her anymore either. We became best friends. The friends everybody hated. No, actually no one, except that bully, really hated us. But the had to. That girl said so. 

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