Elves of ivory

In a mystic forest in Anavasia, an unbound free spirited colony of elves lived. They had beautiful wondrous lives filled with adventure, spirituality and magic. But that all changes when cival war infects Anavasia. It threatens the peace of the land and interrupts the bonds between creatures… and the elf colony, Bronalson, is caught in the middle. One young elf named Yara, had to endure heartbreak and loss, the cival war tears her apart and she becomes determined to stop it. She is willing to risk ending her life just to stop it. Will her decision to interefear with the war come to that end, or will she live to see it be stopped?


1. The Tretalis


My name is Yara… no that's not a good beginning, ummm… UGH! I will never begin this scroll! Helfener will never let me start fighting if I don't! Helfener… he is like a father to me. He teaches me the things I need to know to get myself into training to be a warrior. I can train myself but its just not the same as being trained from someone experienced. I yearn to be a warrior… hey! That's a good beginning!    I continue to write but I suddenly get a bad feeling. Elves get this feeling when something bad is about to happen. I don't mean like a jar crashing to floor, I mean something big! Like world wide big. And it's always a bad thing. I gasp and fall to the floor. All the elves in Bronalson have probably felt it. But the feeling leaves you weak. It's a horrible feeling. Helfener crawls upstairs. He must have been visiting. He is gasping, out of breath. I stagger over to him and say with all my energy into his ear "what is wrong" though it only comes out as a faint whisper. Helfener just shakes his head. "Its… never… been… this… powerful." And with that he passes out and then I also fainted, only remembering seeing black closing in like an army closing in on a single person…  


  After the tretalis, or the "bad feeling" the counsel of Bronalson called a meeting. They told us to rest assured that the counsel is keeping a watch. Though that is never true, of course. Then the counsel got to the real stuff. He said that if anyone had a vision to come up… I had a vision! It was a single elf standing proud and ready fight as a large army surrounds her (it was a girl). The army closed in and the girl fought valiantly but with every soldier she slayed, another one appeared, and then she died. I slowly walked up, along with Aryanna, a good friend. We both had a vision. Counsel man Elurian ushered us into a small elaborately decorated room. Thin gold veins swirled around us like water, pearls embedded the ceiling and walls in a hexagon pattern. Straight silver lines went from the top of the wall, straight to the bottom. It was so elaborate that Aryanna didn't even here when Elurian began.  Aryanna's vision was the arial view of a wars and on one side was a man, and his twin was on the other and they fought each other and one killed the other. 
"Yara what was your vision?"
I told him and immediately his first question was who the person was…
Elurian said that Aryanna's vision meant that a civil war is brewing… but he wasn't quite sure if my vision said that we loose the war or if I am a hero who ends up dead to save the war. Either way they put me in training right away.  

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