Be Yourself

a normal 17 year old high svhool senior named Ashley has a great life, lots of friends, a great boyfriend, and a great family. what happens when that all goes upside down? will one song turn her life back on track or will it just start more drama?????


1. school!?!

Hi i'm Ashley I live a good life, I  wouldn't ask for anything more. I am not the most popular girl in school but I hang out with the populars. we arn't bitchy popular we are nice popular. anyway my family is a typical family I have a great mom a dad and a REALLY annoying brother.

I just woke us its 5:30 am but I have to get ready for school before my boyfriend Josh picks me up for school. I got dressed in my last day of school outfit which was a high low dress with my favorite shoes. when I finished doing my makeup I went downstairs to eat breakfast. I had nutella on a bagel. It was good...." Mom josh Is here I'm leaving, biii" " bi"

I got in the car and kissed him on the cheek" hey babe what's wrong?" "we really need to talk" "oh ok well then talk" I said curiously" "look its just that I don't really think we are ment for each other and I still think we are both waiting for the right people so I think we should brake up'' did he really just say that? I felt the tears forming in my eyes as I ran out his car. I slammed the door and ran to school. At least I still have my friends to help me through.

I got to school and nobody was allowed near the door because there was a car crash. I went up to the cop and said" um excuse me sir but who was involved in this accident?" " Allison Kay, Lilly Wood, Katie Might, and Jessie Sam (NONE OF THESE NAMES ARE REAL NAMES.) "oh my god the are all my very best friends ever I I cccaant loose them" I say while crying "im sorry but there gone" and with that the cop turned away and left. They canceled school for today so I walked home.


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