Shadow that leads to Harry S.

Candy Calder has always been living in her big sister Eleanor Calder's shadow. Eleanor is perfect to everybody and Candy has been living in her shadows, in other words a nobody to anyone.

But when Candy and Eleanor's mother send her to live with her sister in London, she would finally meet the boys. What would the boys think of her? Will they think she's a loser just like everybody else in her life?


1. About the story

Candy Louise Calder is Eleanor Calder's little sister. Candy has always lived in Eleanor's shadow, their parents loved her more, everyone likes her better. Eleanor has never liked Candy at all, Eleanor might even say she's embarrassed by her. No one knew Eleanor has a sister and she thought it was going to stay that way until Candy have to go live with Eleanor In London for a while. This story is all about them getting to know Candy, they finding out who Candy really is and what she's been hiding from everyone.


Name : Candy Louise Calder

Personality : shy at first, loud crazy weird funny bubbly caring sweet nice once you get to know her. Can be very stubborn and can hold grudges.

Dislikes : whores, hoe's, sluts, bitches, people who are annoying.

Likes : candy, eating, cats, clothes, makeup.

Hobby's : singing, fashion designing, hanging out with friends.

Looks : long brown hair, brown eyes about 1,74 m.


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