Remeber me?

Ashley grew up in Mullingar Ireland with her best friend Niall. But when Niall attends x-factor their friendship starts to fade. A vacation to England doesn't only bring her back to her missed friend but also to someone els, and it brings her very close, but what is someone's get hurt becaus of that?


1. remembering you

I grew up with Niall Horan. We were best friends, untill he moved to England after joining the x-factor. Our friendship started to fade untill we didn't have any contact anymore. We were so close. A lot of times I was about to send him a letter. 

 Remember when we first met? In kindergarten. Remember when when we were playing in the sandbox and ended up throwing sand in eachothers clothes. Remember when we played together on the swing, playing the who-can-swing-the-highest game. Remember riding our first bikes together. Remember doing playfights with branches of trees. Remember going to primary school school together. Remember you called me your soulmate? Remember me? 

I knew we were going on a vacation to London. You are going to see Niall back. My mum had said full of joy. But I didn't care, or actually, I did. But I forced myself not to care. He's famous now, he has four great friends and all their friends, he propably forgot already I exict.

Slowly I was packing my bag. 'Clean your room before we go!' My mum yelled from down the stairs. It was a mess, exams were done but my schoolwork was still scattered around my room. I started to empty a closet with old papers when I found an old photo of me and Niall, we were six years old and playing on the swing. Tears started to sting into my eyes. No, I have to accept he has his own life now. I folded the picture and put it in my suitcase. 

England is big. I stepped of the plane with my mom and went to a coffee shop in the airport. My mom took a coffe and I took a doughnut and a smoothy. 'What do you want to do first? Visit the Big Ben? Or the London Eye. Maybe eating at Nando's.'  'I don't know mom...' I said while taking a sip of my smoothy. 'We have time enough, you're propably tired.' I nodded. After we ate and drank everything, we headed to London. 'It's so big here.' Mom said enthousiastic. We strolled trough the streets and did some shopping. While my mom was trying some clothes in the changingcabin, I looked at the tv, hanging from the wall. The next videoclip got my attention. One Direction, Kiss You. They exicted for three years now and were worldfamous. I liked their songs but wasn't really a fan, maybe because one of them was so familiar to me, but let me down to start a new life. 'What do you think?' My mom snapped me out of mu thoughts. 'Great mom.' She got the clothes and paid for them. 

In the hotel I inmidiatly started unpacking my stuff. When I took my pink jumper out of my suitcase, a folded paper fell out, yeah that photo. Why did I took it with me again? I guess I can't let it go.

We ate in restaurant and after I watched some tv I went to bed. My mum told we we were going to visit the big ben and stuff. I sat up and my thoughts got to Niall.
*I sat on a swing in the parc. 'I'm gonna push ya.' A six years old Niall said. He stood behind me and gave me a push. I giggled. 'Higher! Higher!' I screamed. Niall used all his force to push me but then tripped and fell. I jumped of the swing. He had a bruise on his arm. 'I'll take care of that.' I said. I took his arm and gave a kiss on the bruise. 'So, all better now!' I said. Niall smiled and wrapped his arms around me in one of his Horan-hugs.*

I snapped back to reality. it was already dark, it's time to sleep. After half an hour I started to fade away and I fell asleep.

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