Autumn view

On the cover the blonde one is kirsten and the brown haired one is Sophia.
Them and there friends Stella, Molly, marzia go to an all girls school. :) fun and adventures come there way.



Sophia's p.o.v 

"Mum you cry every time! I am coming to see you in a few or more weeks for the summer holidays!" I snap to my mum down the phone. I have been going to an all girls boarding school for over a year now, it's called Autumn view. I share a room with my best friend Kirsten ( the blonde one in the picture, I'm the brown haired one). We also share a room with our other friends; Stella, marzia and Molly. They are all great, we Are all 14 years old.

"don't snap at me Sophia Simpson!" My mum snaps back. I sigh and throw my head back. 

"Love you mum! Bye!" I shout down in the most cheerful tone I could possibly use before hanging up.

"was that your mum?" Molly giggles to me.

"No Molly it was my personal chef... Of course it was" I say rolling my eyes at her. Molly looked down looking all sad then sat down next to marzia. 

"Molly! You just sat on my hair brush!!" Marzia screams pushing Molly off of her bed. Right now all of us except from Kirsten were in our room, there was no school classes at the moment because we had a week off of school to chill and have a break. 

Molly stood up sighing and sat next to Stella. Stella put her arm around Molly and they started talking about something, I dunno what. 

"What are you guys jabbering about?" Marzia says to Molly and Stella while she straightens her long brown hair. 

"Mason" Stella and Molly say in unison. All 5 of us have had this silly little girl crush on mason everysince we got here. We used to talk about him all the time, but recently he got a girlfriend.

Marzia had stopped talking about him aswell, she got a boyfriend a few weeks ago, Leon. She NEVER shuts up about him.  Its so annoying it drives me mad, and the others.
"urgh! stop going on about him, he is taken plus why would he go for the pair of you" Marzia said in a disgusted tone waving her hair straighners about as she does this. I glared at marzia, she was looking away so she didnt know. Sometimes this girl annoys me sooo much.

"Oh my god guys!" Kirsten shouted running in. "Guess whaaaaat" She sang.
"They have pizza on the menu tonight!" Marzia shouts getting excited.
"no.. well maybe, miss cringle said we might... Anyway Mason and his girlfriend broke up!" Kirsten squealed. Me, molly and stella jumped up and did a little excited dance aswell. "You guys are so pathetic" Marzia saids bitterly.
"Thanks" I say sarcastically glaring at marzia. I swear sometimes she just tries to annoy us all, and make us feel bad.
Just as we was all about to start talking about it the speaker went off and miss cringle spoke throught the speaker that went through everyroom.

"Girls as i treat for outstanding work, us teacher has decided to get pizza! Go down to the dinner hall and we will have a mini pizza party! Thats all, thank you" Miss cringles voice blasted across our room. We instandly all ran out of our room along with many other girls and ran down the hall towards the stairs. Lots of girls were running down pushing people out the way but me and kirsten grabbed onto eachother and we was at the front of the big huddle. We got down the stairs ran down the hall and pushed the big doors open to be welcomed but a smell of pizza. We looked around and saw the pizza and we all ran towards it piling up our plates with pizza and chips and getting drinks. We were like animals who havent been fed in days.

"girsls calm down" Miss cringle says lauging.

Me and kirsten sat down at a table eating our yummy dinner and a few minutes later molly, stella and marzia joned.
"Omg i love pizza!" Marzia said devouring her pizza. She literally shoved the whole thing in her face. She couldnt even speak is sounded like "mhmhmmpffmm" Which made us all explode into laugher up until her boyfriend Leon walked over. He walked over all smiley then we he saw Marzia with pizza all ofer the lips and her mouth filled with pizza his face shanged into a disgusted face and he turned and walked away.

"Oma gawd" Marzia managed to kind of mumble. She chewed quickly swalled the pizza and ran after Leon. Once she ran away the rest of us just laughed. "i need to go get my camera come with me please?" kirsten begged me. I gave in and ran up the stairs with her, we walked down the hall.

"hold on i need to tie my shoe" i say bending down a few metres away from the door too our room. Kirsten nodded then opened the door then gasped. Loads of black smoke came blowing out into mine and kirstens faces blocking our view, i felt and hand touch mine and we gripped onto eachother tighly

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