Hollywood Heights

This is a story about 'Hollywood Heights'


2. Leddie forever


Loren can't wait till 8 pm.

So she goes to Mel, becaus she didn't know what to wear.

-at Mels house- 

Mel:Hey Lo

Loren:Hey Mel how are you and Adam ?

Loren gifs Melissa a big hug

Mel:Adam and i are good.. 

Loren:Great !, Mel i need your help.. Eddie has a suprise for me and he sayd that i need to wear the most beautiful dress...And i don't know what to wear.. *Loren looks sad*

Mel:Ahhww..Lo don't worry i will help you !! Do you know what the suprise is ??

Loren:No.. But he sayd that is was a big suprise.. I don't know what to expect..

Mel:Ohh my god..!


Mel:Maybe he's gonna propose..!!

Loren:Of cours not!! I don't think that he will do that

Mel:I think he will do that..!!

at, what is a bigger surprise than that??

Loren:I don't know.. *Loren gets nervous*

Mel:I bet that he gonna propose you !!

Loren: We will see.. *Loren looks at the clock and shocked that it's so late, she has only 45 minutes*

Loren: Oh my god Mel.. We need to hurry!! 

Mel: Don't worry and come with me..

-45 minutes later-

Mel: Loren you look beautiful !! Eddie is very lucky with you !!

Loren:*Loren looks in the mirror* Hahah thanks Mel, i don't know what i need to do without you !! 

Mel:Ahww.. I love you !! But Lo you need to go, you'll be late !!

Loren: love you to !! Your right !! I need to go , bye Mel thank for every thing !!

Mel: no problem Lo..

-at Eddie's place-

Eddie things what if she gonna say no.. Or she wont come.. Eddie looks at the clock its 8:05 pm.. Where is she.. when he just wanted to call, he heard the door bell. He walks to the door, when he open the door he can't believe what he saw..

Loren:I'm sorry that i'm late.. 

Eddie:No problem..Wow Loren you look so beautiful !! 

Loren:Thank babe...Wow the room looks beautiful !! did you do that?

Eddie:Yeah.. Every thing for my babe.. 

Loren:Ahw.. I have the best boyfriend in the whole world !! *Loren gif Eddie a kiss*

Eddie:Well actually... I want to change that.. I don't want do be your boyfriend anymore

Loren shocked, she almost cryd..

Eddie went on one knee and opened a box with a gold ring with three diamonds on it, the ring was written L & E forever.

Eddie: Dear Loren Tate do you want to be my wife ??

Loren was so happy

Loren: Oh my god Eddie yess !! 1000 times yess !! 

Loren and Eddie give each other a long kiss.

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