Hollywood Heights

This is a story about 'Hollywood Heights'


1. The suprise



Eddie had a long time a big idea. He want to do something for Loren. So he gos to Max.

Eddie: Hey Pops

Max: Hey Eddie how are you ?How is Loren ?

Eddie: i'm good and Loren also. But pops i want to do something but i need your help.

Max: okay.. Hmm.. Tell me what can i do for you.

Eddie: i want to.... marry with Loren. Eddie smiles

Max: Wow Eddie i didn't expect that you will say that, but i'm okay with that , actually i think that a great idea , but first you need to ask Nora if she is okay with that.

Eddie: of cours i will ask Nora, thanks dad i'm very happy that you agree my idea.

Eddie and max hugs each other, and Eddie leaves.


Eddie was on his way to Nora, Eddie hopes that Nora is okay with that he wants to marry with Loren.

-at Nora's house-

Eddie: Hey Nora how are you ?

Nora: Hey Eddie i'm good, i didn't expect you, is everything okay ?

Eddie: Yeah everything is okay, i'm here to ask you something inportant.

Nora: o..o.. I hope its good .

Eddie: Hahaha, don't worry Max was okay with it so i hope you to.

Nora: Ohh okay , so tell me what do you want to ask me, Nora is a little bite scared.

Eddie: I would ask Loren.... If she wants to marry with me.. 

Nora shocked.

Nora: Wow Eddie.. Ehhmm..  Let me think.

Eddie is a little bite scared.

Nora: Okay.. i'm okay with that. Go and ask her to marry with you. Nora smiles

Eddie is so happy.

Eddie: o my god Nora thank you thank you so much, i really really love her. 

Nora: I know you love her and she loves you to, that why i agree your idea. But i will protect her always , and if you break her heart...

Eddie : don't worry Nora , i never will break her heart, and i will protect her always.

Eddie hugs Nora, and says good bye.


The first thing what eddie did was going to the jeweler and bought a diamond ring with three stones. In the ring was written: L & E forever.


Eddie calls Loren

-Eddie and Lorens phone call-

Loren: Hayy Eddie, how are you ?? 

Eddie: Hey beautiful, i'm good, i have a suprise for you..

Loren: Ohh wow.. Can you gif me a hint ??

Eddie: Of cours not.. You will see it around 8 pm at our house..

Loren:Okay i will be there 

Eddie: Ohh and Loren ??


Eddie:Wear your most beautiful dress..

Loren:Hahah okay i will 

Eddie:Love ya

Loren:Love ya to <3


Loren was very excided..

Eddie was a little bite nervous, he goes to the store and bought a lot of flowers and some candles for tonight 


Hey guys i hope you like it !! <3

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