Death's poems

Poems about death. Enough said.


1. Dedicated to my grandad.

I see the body laying dead,

A band of white flowers

crowning her head.


Her skin perfect and allibaster pale,

Her lips like faded cherry blossom.

Bleached by death,

instead of sun.


Condemed to darkness,

She wears only white.

She will never see

the bright sunlight.


New fallen snow,

settles on her taunt cheeks.

Her eyes closed if sleeping.


Her cold, limp hands crossed over

Her chest.

Enclosing a red rose in her icy



The petals of blood red hue

Seemed to melt into the

icy pallour of her skin.


All earthley possesions gone

And nothing remains,

There is no choice.


Come now Death,

for winter has fallen upon us.

Claim your sweet bride

with your own bloody hands...

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