We're Going Down.

When just a normal flyby of earth earth goes wrong and you find yourself pluming down to the surface where your ancestors once lived. It will probably be fine, they managed to get by. But when no one has been on earth for fifty thousand and twenty three years, who knows what will be out there.


1. We are experiencing technical difficulty


We are experiencing technical difficulty


"And this lady's and gentlemen this is earth!" said the guide the the same boring voice as he did every time. There were gasps from the people on the ship, then everyone got out the bluetabs and started taking pictures. James on the other hand had been on a space voyage before and had seen the surface of the earth from a distance more times than he could count, unlike everyone else; they were all people on day trips, or people on their way to the remote holidays on distant planets. "And now," said the guide in that voice "we shall enter the earths atmosphere!" everyone go very exited and lunged for the windows. The ship went into a nose dive and and within a second James's ears had popped, they were in the atmosphere.         



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