austin my best friend or boyfriend

Kayla moves to Miami, Florida, but she lived in California her whole life! Kayla moves next door to this boy named Austin. The became best friends, but will they become something more than best friends? Or will someone come between them and ruin it forever?


1. how did we ever get this house

I'm moving from California to Florida. New life. New surroundings. New school. That's what scares me the most. I've never moved before and was never the new kid. But at least I have the whole summer here in Miami! Since I moved on the last day of school. When I get into my new house it's nice!

My mom and I sit down on the couch, and then there is a knock on the door. I get up and go answer it. When I answer it there is the cutest boy I have ever seen before standing there! He say "Hey, I see you're new here, do you need any help?" and even before I ask my mom if he can come in I say "Yeah! Come right in!" and he does. I introduce him to my mom. His name is Austin. We start putting stuff away, and after awhile we were finally done. I go outside to get some air. I guess Austin followed me. We were talking for awhile when there was the screaming? I say "What is that?" He says "My awesome Mahomies!" I say "What?" he says "I'm famous! And that's what I call my fans, and that's why it's gated in" and I say to myself in my head "WHAT. I never knew anything about him! I'm with a famous  person. How did we get it live here?" But what comes out of my mouth is "Oh! That's great!" and he says "We should go inside before they start to take pictures and assume we're going out!" And with that we go back inside. He goes to over to my mom and my mom says "Thank you so much for helping! It means a lot, I can tell Kayla like you!" and Austin laughs. Then I say "MOM!" and then they both laugh. I go upstairs into my room and Austin comes with me. I go in and sit on my bed and say "I'm guessing you're a famous singer?" and he says "Yeah, I am" and I say "Well let me hear you sing!" Then he starts to sing and he sings this: Well lets go back to the day when I saw your face for the very first time Well let's go back again, when I held your hand and stared into your eyes Cause I knew you were the one With you my life has just begun Baby you can count on me Cause your heart is in my hand (x2)Oooh yeah Well let's go back in time Always knew that you'd be mine And that I'm never gonna find someone as beautiful as you girl Got my hands right on your waist Look in your eyes Kiss your lips, touch up on your face Can't forget the way I see you smile Cause I knew you were the one With you my life has just begun Baby you can count on me Cause your heart is in my hand (x2)Oooh yeah

I said "you're amazing" Then my ex Brock busts in! How did he know I was in here?!

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