Destiny Dreams ( a 1D fanfiction)

Destiny Greendale, abandoned at birth and now living in care. Having to live with loads other annoying kids and being bored to death half the time, things couldn't get worse. One day she gets loving kind foster parents and things suddenly turn for the good.


2. A new home

Hi guys pleas 'heart' my story, it means a lot and if you comment your name(doesn't have to be your own) and looks.etc.I will try add you in the book. Also I am looking for co-authors so comment below ~Mia 


Chapter 2:A new home


Today was the day I was moving in with my foster parents and I am so excited, they seemed so nice and I can't wait. I was supposed to be moving out of care a year ago(when I turned 17) but they couldn't find anyone to foster me. I have already packed all my things so at least that's one thing I don't have to worry about. They are coming in 2 hours so I go to take a shower. Afterwards,I go to my suitcase and pick out a white lace dress that goes down to just above the knee and attached to a brown leather belt. I wear it with my cream and peach pumps and finish it with my denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up. they had a goodbye party for me last night so all I had to do was leave. I went down stairs and said a final goodbye to everyone. I have to admit I was a little sad to leave, I mean I spent all my life here so why wouldn't I. By the time i was finished saying goodbye it was time to go and Laura(Mrs Johnston)was here. I got in the car and we drove off. 


The car was big and I sat in the front. Laura was so nice and we had a big conversation in the car about my life and just getting to know each other better. I was so scared about this new life. Everything was starting again right from the beginning. We suddenly pulled up in front of a house. It was huge. I looked around me and saw that all the houses were the same. Huge. Laura got out the car and I followed her. Slowly she opened the big wooden door. "WELCOME HOME!" shouted lots of adults and children. They're was bunting, food, balloons. I could tell I was going to like it here...alot!

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