Who killed her?


1. Who killed her?

One fine morning Prof. Prem Kanta came out of her air conditioned home and saw her boy servant Ramu plucking roses from her tiny garden.

  She noiselessly moved her steps towards him, caught him by ear and twirled it. Ramu shrieked in pain.   “ Bloody Thief! How dare you steal my roses?” she asked.   “ I need them for my mother,” Ramu defended himself.   “ Mother? Your mother is a servant too, what will she do with them?”   “ She is in the hospital. I need the roses for offering in the temple. God will cure her.”   “ Do not lie to me. You little snot.”   “ Oh! I see now. So you were the one who stole my flower vases last month,” she alleged.   Ramu’s eyes filled with tears.   “ I did not,” he shot back as he pushed Prem Kanta.

Prem Kanta was startled by the push a mere servant.
  But the little Ramu was no match to big Prem Kanta. She caught him by collar and called the police. The whole night Ramu kept begging to the constable to release him. He had full faith in his mother's words that if offered roses God can do miracles. Ramu was not released till morning and then let off with tight slaps on his face.   He ran like a fanatic to the hospital. There he broke down on seeing her mother dead. He hugged her body.   “ She killed her. God killed her. Flowers killed her,” he shouted.   My Blog : lifelongstolive.blogspot.com
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