Blogging Away

So, my first movella, isn't this exciting? I think so.
I thought to begin with I would start a blog so you wonderful lot could learn a little bit more about me :)
Hope you enjoy xxx


1. 7/6/13

Hello :)

So as you have read in my description my name is Purplesplat and I am 16. I am in year 11 and almost finished my GCSES. YAY! 

I used to be on Miss Literati as: Purplecloud, and then decided to move to movellas as I feel it is an easier site to use and I feel that even with ten minutes of experience I know roughly what I am doing.... or so I hope. 

Things you should know about me:

- I love the colour purple.

- I am very short...

- I love horse riding and go every saturday :) I have made some really close friends at my yard which hopefully I will keep for a life time. 

- I procrastinate...a lot 

- I love watching Itswaypastmybedtime, amazingphil and danisnotonfire on you tube, go check them out!

- The only thing I hate about myself is my dandruff which was passed down genetically from my dad...thanks dad...

- I am a hopeful

- I am slightly mad...very....okay deal with it I am mad. 

- I have the best friends anyone could wish for and I love them to bits. (You know who you are)

- I am very bubbly, slightly hyper and very enthusiastic

- I am not keen on shopping unless I go with a friend :P

- I am a veryyyy slow reader 

What I hope to achieve?

I am planning a book as we speak..or type..or read....and I really hope you lot like it :) It has taken some persuasion and many hours of procrastination for me to do this so I really hope you appreciate that! 

I also want to hold competitions like on Miss Literati, even though my competitions weren't all that successful but heyho!

I want to make people smile, so if this has made you smile please become a fan and stay tuned for more updates from me.





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