10 + things i hate about horror movies

chesey things that can wreck a horror movie
plus my minion JERRY


1. lol so true

some times i sit down and watch a movie then come on here and take the absolute mick out of them

1.A stupid person tripping over nothing always while the killers WALKING behind her

2.victims beg the killer with the 6 inch blade not to stab them

3.cute cops always die

4.soon as someone comes on the phone theirs a knock as the door (RUDE)

5. all the big weapons and the villain chose the useless one.

6. villain always gives the victim to much time before killing them 

7.stupid love story crammed into the script

8. main character always survives

9. villain always comes back with another pathetic plot 

10. most deaths can be avoided

11. you just think some should be comedy (final destinations)



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