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Hey lads and loves my name is Christy Henderson I am British but I was adopted and I moved back to America. But I am on a search.


32. Children!


"Guess who gets to come over!!!" Harry yells at me and I cover my ears.

"Who?" I ask, uncovering my ears.

"Lux and Lou!" He says and I smile.

"That's great!" I say and he nods and then Niall runs up.

"Guess who just had a baby and is bringing him over so we can see him!" He says.

"Who?" I ask, getting a cup of tea.

"Our cousin Greg, he just had a boy and we get to meet Theo!" He says and I smile.

"Awesome!" I say and he smiles and I go to the living room.

A Couple Hours Later

There is a knock on the door and Harry and Niall hop up and literally start wrestling so I get up and I go and answer the door.

"Christy!" Greg yells and I smile.

"Hey and you must be Lou." I say to the girl behind him.

"Yeah and this is Lux." She says and Greg comes in and I squat down to Lux's eye level.

"Hi Lux, i'm Christy." I say, shaking her little hand and she giggles.

"I think she likes you." Lou says and I smile and stand up.

"Come in!" I say and they do and I close the door behind me and I walk into the living room.

"Theo!" Niall exclaims and walks over and takes him gently from Greg. I walk over and I lay my head on Niall's shoulder and I look at my baby cousin.

"He is so cute." I say, gently poking his little nose.

"Thanks." Greg says and I smile at him and me and Niall look up at Greg at the same time and he snaps a picture of us with Theo. I sit on the couch and little Lux walks over to me and climbs up next to me and I look at her.

"Hello little beauty." I say and she smiles up at me.

"YOU CAN NOT BE TAKING MY BABY!" Harry says and Lux looks at him and I smile at him.

"I am a baby attractor." I say, laughing and he sits on the other side of Lux.

"Lux do you want to go to the park?" Harry asks and she literally perks up.

"Yes." She says and I smile and he picks her up and Lou gets up and they go to the park.

"I think I am going to go to the park too." I say and I get up and Greg follows me and soon everyone is just deciding to go to the park. We always do everything as a group. I sit on the swings and Louis starts pushing me and I go really high and I start giggling like a little kid. We finally get bored and we go back home and we chill out in the living room and Lux falls asleep on my lap and Lou says she is going home and she grabs Lux and they leave. I get on my laptop and I get on Facebook and I see Greg took a lot of pictures but my favorite one is the one with me, Niall, and Theo. I see someone commented and it says: That is a beautiful picture. I reply: Thank you. I instantly get a reply back: That girl needs to get out of it though. I reply: Um why? That's my brother and my baby cousin. The person replies: You aren't worth being in a loving family.

I look at the last comment and I get up from the couch and I put my laptop down and I run to my room.

Niall's POV

One minute, Christy is on her laptop and then the next she is shutting her laptop, with tears in her eyes and running to her room. I grab her laptop and I open it and it says I need a password and I sigh so I get up and I go to her room and I open the door and I walk in.

"Are you ok?" I ask and she looks up at me, her eyes puffy and I go and sit next to her.

"No." She says and she sits up.

"What happened?" I ask and she wipes her eyes and I put my arm around her tightly.

"That picture that Greg took of you holding Theo and me with my head on your shoulder well I was looking at all the pictures he took and I got on that one and- here just read." She says, handing me her phone and I take it and I look through the comments. I get so mad that I almost crush her phone, I hand it back and I hug her. I get on my phone and I get on Facebook and I go to that picture and I comment: Do you love One Direction? I instantly get a reply: Yes of course. I reply: Then you better shut your fucking mouth, that is my sister, my TWIN SISTER and she is worth being in my family, I love her! I haven't seen her since we were babies and now she's back and now you are trying to chase her away. You may think you are helping me somehow but you are only hurting me. Now apologize to her please because if she leaves again, I don't know what i'll do.

I see Christy check her phone and she smiles and looks at me.

"I'm not going to leave, not even by force, you are my family." She says and hugs me and I feel tears stinging my eyes and I smile.

"You are the only family I need." I say and she hugs me tighter.

Authors Note

Hey how was this chapter? I hope you liked it!

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