Finally Important *Completed*

Hey lads and loves my name is Christy Henderson I am British but I was adopted and I moved back to America. But I am on a search.


1. The Announcement

I wake up to the sound of the familiar sound of our coffee pot. I sit up and look at my clock, 11:00. I get up and go down the Apples and Pears (1D's slang for stairs.) and see the coffee pot still has some coffee in it. I go grab a mug and when I turn around, there is no coffee left. I look at the mug that contains the rest of the coffee and it's set down in front of Max, my step brother. I sigh and put the mug down and I head up the Apples and Pears.

"I am not surprised." Alexis says when I told her what just happened.

"Me either." Garriyn says.

"They didn't even acknowledge my existence." I say, laying on my bed.

"Well they usually don't." Garriyn says.

"Not helping." I say.

"Sorry but it is true, if they aren't going to notice you then they shouldn't have adopted you." Garriyn says.

"I know and I wonder why they still keep me." I say and then I hear footsteps and then Max appears in the doorway.

"Mom and dad have an announcement." He says and I nod.

"Hey I have to go." I say and hang up and I stand up and go down the Apples and Pears with him.

"Max since you suggested it, we are going on a vacation." My step mum says and I just look at her.

"Well Max where should we go?" I say sarcastically and he looks at me.

"We should go to London." He says not moving his eyes away from my face.

"That is a great idea." My step mum says.

"I don't want to go since I can't bring my friends even though you probably don't care." I say and they did exactly what they always do. Ignore me.

"We should let Christy bring her friends." Max says and they nod.

"Ok sure do you want to bring your friends Max?" My step dad asks.

"No that's ok dad." He says and I get up and go up the Apples and Pears and I soon hear footsteps.

"Why are you all of sudden being nice?" I ask, turning on Max.

"I'm not I want to meet hot babes in London and your friends are hot too." He says and I scoff.

"You are such a pig." I say.

"Just be glad your friends get to go." He says.

"Oh, i'm ecstatic." I say and he turns and leaves.

I call up Garriyn and Alexis and they answer on the third ring.

"Why did you leave? What happened?" They ask.

"Calm down my mum and dad had an announcement, that Max suggested, we are going on a vacation, to London." I say and they both gasp.


"Not Niall's but the rest of the lads, yes and I will be near my hometown." I say.

"Do you think your real parents are still there?" Garriyn asks.

"I don't know that's what I want to find out." I say, laying and staring at my One Direction poster.

"We will miss you." Alexis says.

"Oh well that's the best part, you get to come with me." I say and they scream and I pull the phone away from my ear.

"REALLY!!" They scream.

"Yes and it was all because Max thinks you're hot." I say and that gets them silent.

"Ew." They say.

"Yeah well we better get packing." I say and they agree and then I get off the phone. I begin to pack my Steve McQueens (1D's slang for jeans sorry.) and my Clobbers (1D's slang for outfits) most of my wardrobe (Just in case you didn't know it means closet) is pretty much empty. I head to the W.C. (Bathroom) and start to pack up all of my belongings in there and pack them up. I head down the Apples and Pears and I go to the cupboard and I pull out some Crisps (Potato Chips) and I begin to snack on that. I turn on the telly and footie (soccer) comes on so I watch that.

"Hello crumpet." Max says, coming in.

"Don't call me that, when are we leaving?" I ask.

"In an hour." He says, looking at his watch.

"Ok." I say and pull out my cell phone and dial up Alexis.

"Just about done, Garriyn is too, we will be there in about fifteen minutes." She says.

"Ok we have an hour so hurry." I say and hang up.

"Are they almost finished?" Max asks.

"Yes." I say and he nods and walks off.

20 minutes later

I hear a knock on the front door so I answer it and Garriyn and Alexis are standing there with some suitcases.

"Max!" I yell and he comes in.

"What?" He asks, looking and then grinning.

"Help me with their suitcases." I say and he grabs Garriyn's suitcase and I grab Alexis' and we load them in the Jam-Jar (Car).

"Max can you please go get my suitcase from my room?" I ask, snapping my fingers in front of his face.

"Sure." He says and goes inside.

"He is such a creep." Alexis says and me and Garriyn nod in agreement.

"Well we are stuck with him for a while." I say.

"Great." Alexis says sarcastically.

"Here." Max says, bringing my suitcase to me and handing it to me.

I pack it in and when I turn around he is just standing there with his hands in his pockets.

"You may leave now." I say and he looks at me and then at Alexis and Garriyn and then he leaves.

"Help he raped me with his eyes!" Garriyn yells and I laugh.

"He is being a nutter (crazy person). Do you think he is in love with one of you lucky girls?" I say and they both pretend to puke and I laugh.

"Ok so everybody is packed, right?" My step mum asks, coming out with Max and my step dad in tow.

"Yes." We all say.

"Ok well then let's go." She says and we all pack into the Jam-Jar.

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