My Heart Captive by The Dead

She never expected to fall in love. Not after what has happened before. She's never been successful in love. So when one day a dark mysterious stranger arrives. She finds falling in love with him.


1. Prologue

I feel someone staring at me. I turn around, my curtain of black hair flying in the wind. That's when I see him. Him. His gaze staring at me like I'm a ray of sunshine. My heart pounds rapidly. He's wearing a dark coat, hiding what's underneath. The only jewellery on him is a dark sapphire blue jewel necklace. He smirks when he see's me looking at him. His jet black hair tied in a pony tail. His dark brown eyes looking me up and down. His hands in his pockets. He fingers me to come forwards. I look around, looking to see if he was calling someone else. No one else notices him. Is he calling me. Why would a guy be interested in me? Especially one has hot as the guy. I was hideous. I had straight black hair to my waist, eyes that look greyish brown, and skin so pale. I was deathly pale, and looked like a ghost. I was not even skinny, but fat. Guys hardly noticed me. Not even saying talking to me. I was a geek to them, and they ignored me. I had no friends either. Everyone hated me. I tightened the coat around me, feeling conscious about myself. I hated the way I looked. I was hideous. I looked back at the guy, he pointed at me. I finger at myself, whispering me. He nods his head. Sweat trickles down my face. I wipe it. Then walk towards the guy. Who was he? I had never seen him before. I stand right in front of the guy. I feel everyone eyes staring at me and the guy.

"Yes" I ask shyly.

"You captivated my heart" the guy whispers in a intoxicating voice, tucking a strand of my long black hair.

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