When a girls life is slowly going down hill it makes a turn for the better.. Or does it? Once she starts dating Harry Styles from one direction she starts getting hate and death threats. She slowly starts losing everything. Will she be able to turn her life around before its too late?


3. The rest of the school day

First period was awful. No one talked to me, sat near me, or even bothered looking at me. "im Hated over things I never even said" I thought to myself.

the rest of the morning passed by slowly. "I wish it was over already" I thought to myself. But it was lunch hour and I had to find savannah. I finally found her in front of the snack machine with 2 other girls. Just as I was about to walk the other direction she sees me "Heather over here!" she yells. I walk over to them and give them a weak smile. "Hey! how was your day so far?! Savannah asked. "I guess it was okay. No one talked to me." I responded. "Im sooo Sorry it'll get better, give it time.. And OH! Im so rude, Heather I want you to meet Jersey and Halie!".. "Hello" they both say. I just smile. I wish I wasn't such an awkward person but I can't help it. maybe this will be the beginning of a new start. A good start. "lets go grab some lunch" Savannah says. we all follow. We made our way through the lunch line and found seats at the far end of the lunch room, where no one was. It was a very awkward lunch.. No one really said anything. Just as all of us were about to leave savannah says "girls wait.. there's something I need to tell you guys." . we all just stand there waiting on her to finish what she had to say. "I was lucky enough to get on my phone during math class and order 3 tickets to a one direction concert tonight, do you all want to go?!" .. My heart stopped, could she be telling the truth? Is this the moment ive been waiting for?! I finally snapped back to reality and said "your serious?!" . "Yes! I wouldn't lie about something so serious!" she said . me and Jersey agreed that we'd go.. but Halie turned it down.. She said "I'm not a big one direction fan. and anyway there was only three tickets, right? I couldn't have gone anyway. I hope you guys have fun though!" I was thinking in my head "who cares, one direction is the best band that ever exsisted. You obviously have a problem."


*lunch bell rings*

we all go our separate ways to class. For the rest of the day I couldn't get the news Savannah told me out of my head! It was like my dreams were starting to come true. After she told me that I didn't care what people thought about me anymore. I get to see Harry Fucking Styles. That's if.. you know.. I could get him to notice me out of millions of screaming fans. "that's going to be impossible" I  thought. But who cares?! Atleast I get to see One Direction preform!

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