the vampire hunter

Louis, Rocky, and Brensyn are brother and sister Louis is the oldest at 21, Rocky is the second oldest at 18, and brensyn is the youngest at 12. There parents were killed by vampires when they were younger and now they are vampire hunters. But Brensyn has a secret that only she and her mum used to know about and when Rocky meets a boy who is a vampire, secrets will be un cover, old friends reunited, and one certin enemy will come forth a story of love, secerts, friends, enemys, and loss.


1. chapter 1

Brensyn's POV: Hi! I'm Brensyn Tomlinson. Me, my sister- Rocky, and my brother- Louis, are all vampire hunters. I'm 12. I'm the youngest because Rocky is 18 and Louis is 21. Did I mention Louis is super protective of Me and Rocky? Well he is. It's because are Mum and Dad were killed by vampires. anyway, Louis is finally letting me go vampire hunting myself! So I said bye to Louis and Rocky, made sure I had my gun and sped out the door.

Rocky's POV: "You finally decided to let her go huh?" I said to Louis as my little sister ran out the door. Louis and I have practically raised her, so she isn't like my sister, she's like my daughter! "Yeah I guess. She's growing up. I hate to say it but she is." He sighed. so we watched some tv. about three hours later we heard someone open and slam the door quickly. Louis pulled out his gun and so did I. but all we saw was a frantic Brensyn run in grab a chair and run back. Me and Louis looked at each other and went over. then we saw Brensyn pushing a door closed with a chair but failing badly. Louis ran over and put the chair so it will hold the door. "What happened?!" I asked. "I-I-I-" She tried to say but she was to out of breath. So Louis picked her up and sat her on the couch. When she caught her breath she started telling us what happened. "I was in the woods and I saw a vampire and it came at me so I shot it and I shot two more and tried to attack me before I saw someone I didn't think I ever see again. I-I-I saw-" she started to cry. "I saw the vampires how killed Mum and Dad! they chased me here and that's what's at the door right now!" Louis hugged her and we looked at each other for awhile. I thought Louis had shot them! that was 5 years ago too. I certainly didn't think did ever see harry styles- the man who killed my parents again...

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