The Choir that Conquered the World

En historie jeg skrev i engelsk. c:


1. The Choir that Conquered the World

"Come on, John! We're getting late!", Sarah yelled. We were going to perform at the national stage of London. We were all nervous. I was getting my stage make-up on, just getting my hair set, brushing it and getting dressed. The boys were going to wear white tuxedos with black and blue butterflies, and the girls were going to wear white dresses with blue belts and black high-heels. We were going to sing the songs we made by improvising, and also sing some other songs. We were going on stage now. Sarah waited for me. That was very sweet of her. I were finally ready. She grabbed my hand. "Come on John, we haven't got all day!", she said smiling. We walked on stage and the conducter gently took his baton. When he took his baton, the audience immediatly turned quiet. I were alittle nervous. I were going to sing solo after Chris. I were going to sing a song called House Carpenter, wich you already might know as 'Well Met'. When it was my turn, I started to sing. The audience looked at me with expectating eyes. Suddenly I started to sing.


"Well met, well met, my own true love

Well met, well met cried he

I've just returned from the salt, salt sea

All for the love of thee"


"I could have married the kings daughter, dear

She would have married me

But I have forsaken her crowns of gold

All for the love of thee"


"Well if you could have married the kings daughter, dear

I'm sure you are to blame

For I am married to a house carpenter

I find him a nice young man"


"Ah, will you forsake your house carpenter

And go along with me?

I'll take you where the grass grows green

By the banks of the salt, salt sea"


"Well if I should forsake my house carpenter

And go along with thee

What have you got to maintain me on

And keep me from poverty"


"Six ships, six ships, all out on the sea

Seven more upon dry land

One hundred and ten, all brave sailor men

Will be at your command"


"She picked up her own wee babe

And kisses gave him three

Said stay right here with my house carpenter

And keep him good company"


"Then she put on her rich attire

So glorious to behold

And then she trod along her way

She shone like the glittering gold"


I can't remember the next parts of the song! :-)

But I can remember the last parts!

But I think the ship sank, and then these come!


"What hills, what hills are those, my love

That are so bright and free

Those are the hills of heaven, my love

But not for you and me"


"What hills, what hills are those my love

Are are so dark and low

Those are the hills of hell, my love

Where you and I must go"


The song finished, and the scene turned dark. We all stood in our normal positions, and the light came back. We all smiled. We bowed, courtseyed and got roses thrown at us. The audience clapped loudly, and we enjoyed it very much. The audience left, and we left too.

And that was the first time our choir conqoured the world.



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