All You Need Is Magic

"I love you enough to let you go." The last words I said to him, and then, he was gone with the wind. Just yesterday, we were laughing and now, just tears left. Maybe it's all for the best, or maybe the best is yet to come.
(George Shelley~FanFic)


1. What Has It Come To?

"Come on! If you don't come then we're leaving you!" Yuki stated. "No! I'm cold!" I replied looking at the freezing, salt water. "No it's not!" Yuki snapped, grabbing my arm and pushing into the water. The water felt cool but refreshing on my skin. After the long day at the beach, I think I needed that. "See, told you it feels good" Yuki said, smirking. "Shut up" I snapped, playfully glaring at her.

Me, Yuki and Noah were in the bus now, going back home. I looked out the window just wondering to myself. It was getting dark and we were all getting sleepy. "I know you miss him, but he left for good" Yuki said, in a low, comforting voice. "Yea.. I guess" I replied, playing the same memories in my mind, again and again. "Look, if he wasn't man enough to keep you, then you probably weren't meant for each other" Yuki continued. "I know but it just seems like yesterday we were laughing and loving each other" I confessed. "That's the problem idiot! Let him go!" she begged. "I tried and I will continue to try" I replied, faking a smile. "Good. Now, wake me up when we get to our stop!" Yuki said, sleepily. 

I guess I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere now. What has my life come to?

"Take a leap in faith and hope you fly, feel what it likes to be alive. Believe in yourself cause all you need is magic" George had said that time. We were about to ride the Ferris-Wheel and I felt terrified because it was higher than 20 feet! "Feel this moment, Sapphire.. because you'll never know what life can come to" he had commented.

Had he known this would happen all along? Had he known he was leaving? Maybe it was planned or maybe it was just... faith. 

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