Suddenly, Everything Changed

Suddenly, Everything Changed when Maleah had a girls week with her two friends, Rachel & Alex. The three girls met someone along the way who changed their lives forever. It was One Direction. Everyone becomes very close and Maleah reveals a few secrets of her past to Niall. The question is: What is the secret and why is it such a big secret? Did Maleah make the right choice by telling Niall her past? Will this change the way Niall feels about Maleah? And will Rachel and Alex fall for the other boys of One Direction? What happens when they go through a horrible accident that may change their life? Will they make it? And will they remember what led up to it? Read on to find out!
WARNING: Surprises, plot twists, and jaw-droppers will come when you least expect it!
(By the way, this is my first Movella! Tell me what you think!)


1. Suddenly, Everything Changed



     Honestly, I didn't really want to go, but I felt as if I had to. I didn't want to ruin  the fun for my two good friends, Alex and Rachel; therefore, I agreed to go shopping with them at the Opry Mills Mall near by. The three of us were staying at Opryland Hotel in Nashville, not too far away from where we currently live. None of us had any plans for this lovely week of our summer, so we decided we'd have a little week 'get away' for fun.

     We had just gotten to the hotel about an hour ago I and felt a bit tired. However, I still committed to go shopping with the girls anyway. After I told them this, I saw their faces instantly light up with excitement. In that moment, I was glad that I had accepted the shopping offer.

     I hopped in the car with the girls and we headed to the mall. While on our way,we listened to the radio and heard a few fimilar songs play such as: "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Taylor Swift and "As Long As You Love Me" by Justin Bieber. When finally One Direction's song played, all of us sang, "What Makes You Beautiful".

My friends and I LOVED One Direction. In fact, Rachel was going to the concert held next week here in Nashville. I was super excited for her, but also felt a little jealous as well. Who wouldn't be? She could probably get more attention from the band easily. She has long, blonde, wavy hair and a beautiful smile.

On the other hand, Alex had shoulder length, straight, dark hair. She too has a nice smile. Anyway... I tried to get tickets for the concert on the second day they came out. But when I clicked on the official website on the computer, I soon discovered that they were sold out! I was heartbroken... but at least I tried.

     Minutes later when finally arrived at the mall, I was amazed at all the twinkling lights and the big rounded size of the place. We passed at all the shops, taking our time. Each one drew my eye at the sight of bright colors, tall plants and various mixes of loud music. We surf to shops like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, Papaya, Nike Outlet, and more. Knowing me, I'm not much of a shopper.

 I began to grow tired after about two hours. I looked out a window close by and saw a nice little garden area with benches we could rest at between stores. "Hey, guys I'm getting a bit tired. I think I'm just going to sit at the bench while you finish your shopping."

"Okay, sounds great. We'll meet up when we're done. We won't take much longer." Alex assured me. "Sounds great." Once I made my exit, I was determine to crash on the glossy wooden bench. I noticed that nobody else was around, which sort of shocked me. It's a beautiful day, I thought. The weather was just right!

     I brushed my blonde hair out of my tired hazel eyes and pulled out my iPhone. With nothing else to do, I checked out some apps such as my Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. No new notifications nor messages popped up that I know of. I put my phone down and began studying my surroundings. The garden was very lovely, green, and peaceful. Birds were chirping, bees were lightly buzzing, and squirrels sneaking around from tree to tree.

 The sun was shining just right. I breathed in the fresh air and quietly to myself whispered, Zipidy do dah, what a wonderful day. Moments later, a guy with blonde hair and hipster sunglasses continued his way to where I was seated. He sat down on the opposite end of the long bench. It was quiet and  slightly awkward for a minute. I don't do very well in awkward silences. I was smiling, about to burst out laughing. Awkward moments are just so... Awkward.

 Finally, the silence was broken by his calming voice saying, "It's a beautiful day." I noticed an Irish accent, which I found surprisingly  cute. "Yeah, it really is," I squeaked. Oh no, the awkward silence again. I threw myself together and finally managed to say "Hi, I'm Maleah," and held out my hand for him to shake. "That's a unique name," His amicable eyes met mine.

      The cute guy shook my hand firmly and said, "Hi, Maleah. I'm Niall. It's pleasure to meet you." I smiled shyly at him as my cheeks gradually flushed red. Niall. What a catchy name. It sounded so fimilar, but I couldn't put my finger on where I may have heard it from. I'm so caught up in his sparkling blue eyes that I can't think straight. "Do you come to this mall often?" He asked with a confident tone. "Actually, no. This is my first time here. How about you?"

 His sunglasses reflected the sun. "No. I'm originally from Ireland, but I'm currently living in the UK." He explained. Why would he be here if he currently lives in the UK? He took off his red hipster sunglasses and at that moment, every question I had about him was answered with a rapid heartbeat. It was Niall Horan from One Direction.

     "Wait... Niall Horan?!" I stuttered in complete shock. "That's me." What the heck!?!  "Whoa! What are you doing here, in Nashville?" my voice was rising now. "Well, the lads and I have a week to do whatever we want and none of us have ever been here before. We're performing a concert at Bridgestone Arena next week, so we thought that we'd stay and explore the city." His smile grew as he noticed the look on my face."That's awesome." Is this really happening? Okay, keep your cool and stay calm...

      "So, what are you doing in Opry Mills Mall?" I asked. "The lads thought it'd be nice to shop around a bit though I'm not into the shopping mood.. What are you doing here?" He asked looking around for the rest of the band. "Well, me and two of my friends didn't have anything to do this week, so we decided to have a little week 'get away' in Nashville. One of them, Rachel, is going to the concert next week..." My voice trailed off when I remembered I couldn't get myself tickets. "Oh, I see... Did you not want to go to the concert?" He asked, reading my expression. "Oh, no. I did! I just didn't get the tickets in time." Niall dropped his shoulders."Oh, I'm sorry."  "It's alright. I guess it all worked out because I'm meeting you now." I said, trying to be optimistic.

     We carried on with our small talk for a while. Later on, we found Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn, who are Niall's band mates, walking out of the shop with Rachel, and Alex. "Haha, looks like the lads have found a couple of girls," Niall laughed as they were  approaching us. "Yeah, those two girls are my friends." A meet and greet was born along with introducing ourselves to one another. All of us seemed to get along quickly together. Almost as if this was supposed to happen?

 Laughing and socializing resumed as my stomach started to growl. Niall glanced over. I knew he was interrupted by this. I blushed, feeling heat come across my cheeks. "Hungry much?" Niall asked with a big smile on his face. "Yeah, I haven't had lunch yet."

 The others overheard our conversation and Liam jumped in. "What do you say, lads? How about we take these lovely ladies for some pizza!"  "I was just thinking the same thing," Niall proudly pronounced. "Sounds great to us," I saw Alex at the corner of my eye bouncing up and down. "Whoa, Alex, calm down. We all know you love food... And pizza." I joked happily as everyone giggled.

 "What is the best pizza place here?" Zayn asked with a calm recovery after a good laugh. "Well... We have a Sir Pizza  a few blocks down." Alex pointed across the street "Any pizza place that serves pizza, would be wonderful to me." Louis announced openly. "Alright, off to Sir Pizza we go!"



Hey, y'all! What do you think of the story so far? Is it good? Please tell me what you think. Thanks for reading!



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