Every Rose Has its Thorns


1. When day turned into night

The blearing sirens penetrated the silence of darkness, on the cold November evening. The cold gusts of wind whistled as it flowed through the trees. Without the sounds of murmurs and cries, you'd think I was safe, that I was cared for and surrounded by people that loved me. But I am in fact alone now in this world. I am no longer cared for or safe; for now I am isolated within this so called society. I have no family anymore. 

The days since that fateful night had seemed to draw on, as if I was sitting in the waiting room of the local hospital, for years rather than days. The scent of blood surrounded my body, filling my nostrils – so much that it made me feel ill. But for now, I had to ignore it. A nurse hobbled towards my direction, her smile on her heart shaped face looked almost inhuman to say the least; it looked as if it had been stitched onto her skin by a two left handed clown. Her stout body leaned down to me, making the clown's smile inches away from my nose. "She is ready to see you now" she said, in a high, monotone voice. Weather I was pleased to see her was unknown to me, was I now afraid of seeing her state? Or was I merely afraid of my own reaction. 

I slowly rose from my chair, balancing evenly on both my feet before following the clown-like nurse to the ward in which she laid in, there she was laying, her tiny body tangled in numerous cables connected to her limbs. She looked incredibly stiff against the bed; as if there was a large piece of concrete on top of her, making her unable to move. I couldn't help but stare at her lifeless body; she looked so helpless and yet at peace – was she asleep? Softly, I brushed away her chestnut hair away from her forehead, and then gently pressed my lips against her cheek. Here laid Angel McKenzie, daughter to the famous hotel owner, spread out among the states, Paul McKenzie –who is, or should I say was my father. Angel was now the only living relative I had on this world, my younger sibling…

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