I Can't leave You.

Ally and Rosie have been best friends since birth-literally. It's all going well, yeah they argue, fall out, disagree but everything is going fine perfect. Well, until now. They've just started secondary school, with a lot of new faces and a lot of new friends, Ally starts to wonder weather they can really be best friends forever.


1. Dear Diary...

Dear Diary...

                      It's not like me to write in a diary-in fact its totally un-ordinary. I never liked writing at primary; it was my worst subject! It still is. The only reason I am writing in a diary is because i'm scared? Or worried? Or completely... TERRIFIED! 


 Okay! I'll get to the point. Rosie. My best friend. We've been best friends since birth-literaly. Both born 20'th November at exactly 9:23pm. That makes us both twelve, we argued a lot in primary, just like sisters. Thats because we are, we are just like sisters. It never mattered that we argued because after all, it's what best friend's do. Rosie moved away to a different street last year, which meant we weren't next door neighbours anymore.  It didn't matter, we hung out at the park, went to each others house every weekend, went to ice-skating lessons every week and saw each other every day at school. So whats the problem?


Well, last year a new girl started, Sara - Sara Worthey. It was fine at first, she didn't take any notice of us, we didn't take any notice of her. Until, they started hanging out. Another girl called Anne (who was in our primary school class) lived on Rosie's road; I didn't mind her because I played out with her too. Soon I started to get text's from Rosie all the time, they weren't the normal one's that asked me if i wanted to go to the park, they were different. Here's an example: Hey Al with Anne an Sara hanging out thought u were busy wuu2? Ros x


See! That was yesterday, I now feel left out and upset. It's horrible, its like a part of me is missing, yeah yeah, it sounds dramatic, but its true! I feel empty and no matter how much chocolate I eat the emptiness doesn't go away.


I'm just going to go to bed. It's Monday tomorrow  maybe I can sort this out at school. Wish me luck! 

             Love Ally xxx

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