Someone who Knows-One Direction Fan Fiction

Annabeth is not your normal, 18 year old, girl. for starters, she is Prince William and Princess Kate's daughter. She dosn't want to be who she is. She hates fashion, she is tutored at home because of her dyslexia, sports and music are her life, not royalty. She is always in magazines with her best friends, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan. What happens when her friends come and stay for 2 months on their break? Will one of them want to be more than friends? What happens when she finds out a huge secret about one one of the boys? Read To Find Out!


1. Prolouge

We would laugh, play, have fun. I lived in many places back then. Doncaster, Bradford, Wolverhampton, Mullinger, and Evasham. I was born in Doncaster, and my best friend was named Louis Tomlinson. I left there for mommy's work when I was 5. Next came Bradford. Me and Zayn Malik hated each other in Kindergarten, but best of friends in First grade. But I left that summer, again for mommy's work. Next I lived in Wolverhampton. Liam Payne was kind to me from the second I walked into the second grade classroom. We hung out together until 4th grade, where, again, I moved. I moved to Mullinger, Ireland in 5th grade. My neighbor, Niall Horan, went to a different school, so we hung out after school. But, of course, I moved to Evasham in 8th grade. My Biology partner, Harry Styles, came over to work on a project, and we ended up playing video games in my basement. We were good friends, and for my 16th birthday, I invited Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Harry for my party, along with my friends, Eleanour, Danielle, and Perrie. That day was memorable. The boys got along well, and I set up Zayn and Perrie, Danielle and Liam, and Eleanour and Louis. That was also the day that the boys told me that they were gonna try out for X Factor UK as solo artists. I came and watched auditions. I came to their dressing room, and was about to knock, but heard Simon Cowell talking to them.

"How would you boys like to be a band and move to London?"

"Yeah!" They all said at once. I widened my eyes, and ran off. They didn't even think about my feelings. I held my tears in on the ride home, but once I got home, I ran to my room and cried my heart out. I eventually got a text from Harry:

CurlyH: Hey, guess what?

AwesomeAnna:): Oh, Idk, maybe simon cowell came to your room and asked if you if you wanted to be a boyband, and you said yes?

CurlyH: Uhm, yeah how did you know that? did u eavesdrop?!

AwesomeAnna:): maybe


AwesomeAnna:): Did you ever think about my feelings?

suddenly, I heard a knock downstaires. I opened up the door, and found Niall. I collapsed on the hallway floor and started crying again. I heard him sit down next to me, and I immediatly threw my arms around him.

"I just don't want you guys to leave. I missed you all and didn't want to leave any of you. I didn't have a choice."

"I know. we didn't want you to leave either."

Suddenly, 4 more pairs of arms wrapped around me.

"When are you leaving?" I asked.

"Sunday." Replied Liam.

"Then, we will spend tomorrow together and create some last-minute memories. And on sunday, I will see you off."

Saturday came and went by too quickly. on sunday, I got up, and ran to the hotel they were staying at. They came out, and I ran up to them, gave them individual hugs, took one last picture, and said my goodbyes.

"We'll keep in touch. We promise." said Louis. They got in the cab and I waved until they rounded the corner.

A year later, my mom had gotten re married after my father died of cancer a year after I was born, The boys had a new album, and they hadn't sent me a thing. No texts. No calls. No emails. Nothing.

Though, my life was gonna change faster than I expected.

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