Under the cover

If you need an undercover agent to protect Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Harry, nothing is better than an undercover agent as a band member. And no one is better than Cecilie, with the help of makeup she turns to Alexander the 6th member of 1D no one should know that she is a girl, even the boys ....


1. Chapter One

Max P.O.V:

“Max where can I find the script?” Ben asked while putting his arms on my shoulders and smiling, did he not read that I spent 3 weeks on it; I moved his arms with all my might.

“You did not read it? I swear to god if you mess this up you won’t see sunlight!” I yelled at him as loud as I could so that everyone was looking at me, he was pretty surprised with what I said,

 “Man chill out.” He spoke

“Chill out? Chill out? You are a fucked up asshole!” Then I added,

 “Don't let me-“I got cut off by the loveliest voice on earth

“We got a wild max don't we?” She looked at me with a straight face and talked to Ben. 

I came to understand that what I did was wrong as she talked to Ben; I cut her off mid-sentence,

 “I'm sorry; I know I’m the biggest loser ever, sorry.” He smiled and told me it’s alright, that made me feel even worse.

“Hey I want to tell you something.” She spoke, but I did not speak. Instead I looked at her perfect lip, they’re coloured a beautiful shade of pink,

 “Stop looking at it , you won't get it!” She giggled,

 “Just one kiss?” I begged,

 “Nope.” Popping the 'p',

“Come on how could I live?” I said, I went closer as it was just about 8 inches between us, then I spoke

“I'm amazed when I look at you. Not just because your looks, but because of the fact that everything I ever wanted is right in front of me.” She looked at me with a shocked face,

 “I'm taking Peter's place for this mission.” She whispered,

 “You are so romantic, way to ruin a moment.” I replied sarcastically.

“Wait what? Are you kidding me? You-y-y-you are not ready for it! Oh god a lot of work to do in 30 minutes!” I spoke like a crazy person,

 “You could turn anyone in to anything in 10 minutes because you are the best makeup artist in town, the hair is easy just get a wig. Come on! I will give you a kiss after it.” She begged, maybe I could do everything in 10 minutes, who knows? 

“Ok, but just for the kiss.” I joked.

“Thank you love.” She smiled, I started doing her makeup as fast as I could, I added make up wax to make her jaw a bit manly with some extra eyebrow hair, some facial hair around her face and finished with a fake Adams apple. With her dimples and bum chin everything looked great. I added the short brown wig and my job was done. 

“I made a man out of you.” I informed her as I turned her chair to face the mirror, as I remember she did not think it was her; she looked around the room as if that reflection was not hers,

 “Where am I? I can't find myself!” She joked as she looked around in the mirror; oh that girl was very lost.

 “You’ve made me look so hot that I'm even hotter than you.” She told me as she was looking at herself, I giggled.

 “Thank you dear.” I faked a British accent,

 “You’ve got the worst British accent on Earth!” Cecilia laughed,

 “Shut up, I will bring a shirt and some pants so stay here don't move!” I went to my bag and brought some of my clothes, and then I went back to Cecilia. 

“Take this Cecilia and change fast!” I gave her black skinny jeans and a Lil Wayne shirt with a college leather jacket and a pair of sunglasses matched with a beanie.

“If I saw me walking in the street, I would breakup with you and stalk me.” She said confidently as she finished changing into my clothes. She smiles at me and pushes her soft lips to mine,

 “Bye bye love, good luck on the interview! I will come!” I spoke then I added,

 “Be the man that you never were!” And winked

 “Sure I will!” She laughed in reply,


Cecilia P.O.V:

Looking around the waiting room I see a lot of people like more than 1,000 people or something, my nerves starting to kick in; I feel like throwing up. The room is spinning, I am used to it. I don't have enough blood in my body, that was from the day dad and mom got killed, I was 12. But the thing is I never like living with them, they worked as FBI agents. They had busy lives so my brother Peter and I lived with some other people. I didn’t even know them, I would have loved to know them; they only saved me because I was the only one with a chance to live. I lived with FBI; they are my family now I know them all.

I waited for 7 hours; I looked around at everyone and talked to some.

“Number 4860 here you go.” A girl who was about 19 or so with blond hair and a very cute smile gives me a paper with the number “4860” on it,

 “That’s my number in the line, are you joking or something?” I mumbled to myself,

 “Sorry did you say something?” She asked with a big smile,

 “No, by the way thank you.” I tried to act nice,

 “No problem, that’s my job.” She giggles, I stare at her eyes. They’re beautiful, she has big bluish grey eyes, she blushes a little. I speak up,

“You have beautiful eyes.” I say softly, her face turns red. She looks at her feet before speaking,

 “Sorry I blush a lot.” I smile,

 “I think it’s very cute.” I reply as she begins to giggle again, it’s very funny how they think I’m a guy; weirdly all the girls are looking at me and smiling. Some flirting with me,

 “I hope this is not awkward, but here’s my number.” The blond girl with the beautiful eyes give me a piece of paper with her number on it, I look at her name card to see Emily Styles and then the information for Harry's sister. Is she a band member? Well I think if I made her like me I would have more chances to get in the band,

 “Thank you darling, but can I find another note with you?” I asked her, she gives me a paper with a confused look on her beautiful face, I write my number on it and give it to her,

 “I should have done that first love, a pretty girl like you can't be the one giving me her number; I should be the one waiting for your calls.” I told her while holding her hands, all the girls in the waiting room are in awe; they have no idea that I don't have any idea about what I'm saying. That was a pickup line from an old song.

“Number 4860 good job.” An Irish boy with blonde hair spoke then winked and laughed,

 “Come on boy we are waiting for your audition, you are the last.” A guy with brown hair who I think is called Louis or something as some people were shouting ‘Louis’.

 “Ok.” I smile,

 “Emily come with us, you should see your crush audition.” One guy with black hair and tan skin winks and laughs to Emily,

 “Shut up Zayn!” So that was his name, ‘Zayn’, what a weird name. Another guy with curly hair and very cute dimples is doing kissy faces and laughing,

 “Harry, don't please!” She begs, so that’s her brother? Sweet! Then she adds,

 “I'm sorry they act like kids sometimes.” She looks a bit sad, I feel bad. She thinks I like her, but that’s my job so I hold her chin and speak softly to her,

 “It’s ok princess.” Then I add,

 “Well I have to go, are you coming?” She nods and I follow them. When I get on stage people start screaming and cheering for me! It’s like Britain’s Got Talent or something,

 “Hello, what’s your name?” As screaming fans called him 'Liam',

 “Hi, Alexander Green.” I speak into the microphone,

 “What’s your job?” Harry, Emily's brother, asks. I try to think of something good,

 “I am a dancer.” I tell them, they have 'not bad' faces,

 “Sorry, but your accent is not British, I have no idea. What is it?” The blonde boy asks confusedly. I laugh,

 “Well you should know.” I playfully wink at him,

 “You are Irish?!” He’s so shocked,

 “Well half, my mom is Australian and my dad is Irish.” When I said that, the crowd was screaming and cheering even more.

 “Thank you all.” I say to the crowd,

 “Well if you are, too bad, I’m going to kill you.” The Irish guy spoke playfully,

 “How old are you?” Liam spoke,

“Nineteen.” I reply,

“What are you singing?” Louis asks,

 “A song I wrote.” I tell them,

 “Surprise us.” Zayn speaks up.

I feel very, very nervous. I can hear my heart beating, I hold the microphone as hard as I can and close my eyes,

 “You and I go hard, at each other like we going to war,
You and I go rough, we keep throwing things and slammin' the door
You and I get so, damn dysfunctional we stopped keeping score

You and I get sick, yeah I know that we can't do this no more.” People were enjoying it, they cheered and clapped. I opened my eyes and started to sing from my heart, the boys had shocked faces, am I good or bad?
“But baby there you again, there you again making me love you
Yeah I stopped using my head, using my head let it all go
Got you stuck on my body, on my body like a tattoo
And now I’m feeling stupid, feeling stupid crawling back to you
So I cross my heart, and I hope to die, that I'll only stay with you one more night
And I know I said it a million times,

But I’ll only stay with you one more night.” I see people standing up and some moving their arms, some screaming, so I start jumping up and down with them. Then I dance for a bit, I had professional lessons for dancing before because once I was an undercover agent for a dance agency; they had some girls kidnaped and I was there for helping so I know how to dance.
“Trying to tell you no, but my body keeps on telling you yes
Trying to tell you stop, but your lipstick got me so out of breath
I'd be waking up, in the morning probably hating myself
And I’d be waking up, feeling satisfied but guilty as hell.

But baby there you go again, there you go again making me love you
Yeah I stopped using my head, using my head let it all go
Got you stuck on my body, on my body like a tattoo
And now I’m feeling stupid, feeling stupid crawling back to you
So I cross my heart, and I hope to die, that I’ll only stay with you one more night
And I know I’ve said it a million times
But I’ll only stay with you one more night
Yeah baby give me one more night
Yeah baby give me one more night

Yeah baby give me one more night.” People loved it! They danced and moved around so I danced too, I felt joy, and it was my happiness being on stage!

“But baby there you again, there you again making me love you
Yeah I stopped using my head, using my head let it all go
Got you stuck on my body, on my body like a tattoo
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.” The boys stood up and busted a few dance moves and clapped while trying to sing along.

“So I cross my heart, and I hope to die, that I’ll only stay with you one more night
And I know I’ve said it a million times
But I’ll only stay with you one more night.

(yeah baby give me one more night)

So I cross my heart, and I hope to die, that I’ll only stay with you one more night
And I know I’ve said it a million times
But I’ll only stay with you one more night.”

People were screaming, cheering and chanting my name. 


“We’ve been waiting for you for a week, our search for the best from 28,000 people! We thought we should just stop. But man you are the bomb.com!” Sara spoke; she was a manager or something. I feel really glad that they liked me, was I meant to? But anyways, I smile as big as I can then Louis adds,

“You’re amazing, when I heard you stuttering I thought this will be bad; he will humiliate himself, but you have a voice that no one can describe how beautiful it is! You are an idol; I wish I was confident like you!”

Well yes I struggle with stuttering, it is a speech disorder in which sounds, syllables, or words are repeated or last longer than normal; so if you hear me say 'hello how are you' it will be 'he-l-l-l-o  h-ow  h-ho-w  ar-e  yo-o-u' but not as slow as you read it a bit fast, I hate it. It makes me feel very dumb and stupid, I started talking when I was two, but at twelve I stopped talking with people. I acted like if I can't talk, at my late 18 I started talking so my disorder became worse than ever and as you can tell I'm nineteen so that’s five months of talking and seven years of not speaking as weird as I get I was on the stage deep thinking and everyone was looking at me. I should act cool and like a hot guy, but my awkwardness shined through everything.

“I’m sorry people I’d just like you all to know before I get a lot of hate on how I speak that at twelve I stopped talking because I lost my family and I felt like I was dumb; I know shame on me. And I just started talking 5 months ago. I thought of stopping millions of times, but I'm holding on still for my future because six years from now it will be harder than ever.” Well I thought that if I can't get them by my coolness, I could use their soft side. People awed and some screamed 'good job' 'stay strong'.


“You are so brave to keep up with all of this; you need to stay strong man.” Zayn spoke, the day ended up with hugs and tears and people wishing me luck and hoping for some really good news. You will know it in the next chapter.



I know so much drama in the first chapter :P, what could I say? Thank you for reading, hope you like it! Have a good day and may you live in interesting times. 


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